Quick Update

Just thought I’d post a quick update to let you all know that I’m still here. This will be my last post before my upcoming FET. I’ll fill you all in on how everything goes once it’s over and I know how it went – either way – but I won’t be updating in the meantime (need to stay relaxed and out of my head).

So far everything’s going well – a couple of minor hiccups. One – I discovered after my annual physical exam last week that I have a UTI so I’ve been on antibiotics since last Friday to clear it up. I checked with CCRM and apparently the antibiotics are safe during FET prep (and pregnancy for that matter). I’ll do another test early next week just to make sure it’s gone but even if it’s not, my nurse said that it won’t impact the FET. The other minor “hiccup” – well it’s not really a hiccup but more of a nagging concern – I still haven’t decided whether or not to do the antihistamine protocol. I’ve tried emailing Dr. M on a couple of occassions with some additional questions regarding the protocol but haven’t heard back from her (which seems weird to me – I’ve emailed her before – in fact she gave me her email address and said to email anytime). My nurse indicated that the small dosage of prednisone I would be on is safe in the first trimester but I can’t help remembering what Dr. M said on the phone about the slight risk of cleft palate so I’m still not sure what to do.

Otherwise, so far everything is going according to plan. I have to admit, I never thought I would say this but I actually miss the Depot Lupron. I felt so much better when I was on it. It’s weird – I know for sure that I don’t have endometreosis but if I didn’t know better, I would swear I did. I’ve just been so crampy and bloated feeling again since the estrogen was reintroduced back into my system. I felt a lot better without it (I guess it’s a necessary evil though :-)).

Anywhooo…that’s about it. I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far and please…keep your fingers, toes and anything else you can manage crossed for me ladies. Next time you hear from me, I will be on the other side of this FET…finally!



Yep…hot flashes. So far that’s the only noticeable side affect from the Depot Lupron. They’re kind of intense though. The worst part is that my face turns bright red…like so¬†much so that my co-workers have noticed.

Oh well…I can handle a little heat.

Maybe I’ll get off easy and that will be it for side effects. Probably not ūüė¶

Oh and a HUGE thank you to those of you that weighed in on the prednisone post. I really appreciate your feedback!


Hello ladies! It has been a LONG time since I’ve posted. No real reason, except that I haven’t had a ton going on and I’ve been trying to keep a promise to myself to not obsess over all things IF-related. It’s been going well. (I have been following you ALL faithfully, however!)

Hmm, so what’s new…what’s new?¬†

Well, I finally started my Depot Lupron treatment this week. I had my first injection on Tuesday. Not much to report in terms of side effects so far. I hope it’s this easy the entire two months but I know it’s still really early. A gal can dream though, right?!

I received my FET calendar yesterday. Looks like transfer will be sometime around the end of July so still awhile to go. I’m OK with waiting though. We’ve waited this long, what’s a few more months. Plus, I’ve been really watching my diet lately and hope to drop a few pounds before transfer. I want to be in the best possible shape when I’m reunited with my precious embies so a few extra months is OK by me.

One thing that is causing me to lose a little sleep is this whole antihistamine protocol. I think I talked about it in my last post and some of you addressed it, but I still don’t know what to do. I’m not worried at all about the possibility of weight gain (which I talked about in my last post) but I can’t stop thinking about Dr. M’s warnings of possible birth defects. She did say that they have not seen any cases of this at CCRM but that there have been reported cases of birth defects (she specifically mentioned cleft palate) in babies born to moms on prednisone. I know that the dosage for the antihistamine protocol is low but it still has K and I worried and wondering what to do.

There are pros and cons obviously. The only con is the issue mentioned above. The pro is obviously that there is a belief that it may help the body to not reject the embryo. The main reasons that I asked Dr. M about it (she didn’t bring it up, I did) and am considering it are that:

1. I’ve miscarried before. Now we don’t know anything about the causes of that miscarriage. It could have been due to a chromosomal abnormality in the fetus, could have had to do with my hydrosalpinx…who knows.

2. Another CCRM patient stated that Dr. M advised her to try the antihistamine protocol for her second FET because the first (of a chromosomally normal embie) was unsuccessful and she had felt cramping throughout her entire TWW, beginning basically right after transfer. I’ve experienced this in the past after transfers – cramping beginning basically right away and lasting throughout the TWW.

I know the decision ultimately comes down to least regrets. Which decision will lead to the least regrets but that’s the problem…I don’t know.


We had our regroup with Dr. M last night. It went well, nothing earth-shattering. It was mostly just me asking her questions as we had already discussed the cycle when she called with the CCS results a couple of weeks ago.

One of the things I asked her about because I’ve been hearing a lot about it recently was the antihistamine protocol for FET. She said that they’ve been using it for a couple of years now and that she usually recommends it for women who have had several nice looking blasts transferred with no success. She said that there weren’t any reasons not to do it in the sense that it wouldn’t decrease the chance of success. If anything, it would help. The only downfall to using it are the side effects from the pred.nisone. It can cause weight gain (which I don’t need…in fact I’m trying to drop some weight before my FET so don’t need any steroids making me gain it right back). The other thing is that she said that there have been some cases of cleft-palate with babies born to women on prednisone. She said that they have not seen any cases at CCRM, however, and she also said that she weans her patients off of it very early on (around six weeks) where some physicians keep there patients on it a lot longer. So I haven’t decided what we’ll do – she said it was up to me.

Other than that…not much. She said that the sonoHSG report she received looked great and that the area in question on my ultrasound was very likely an endometrial fold, which is nothing to be concerned about. She also said it could have been a polyp that was shed with my cycle. Either way, she wasn’t concerned. She recommended transferring two blasts, so I think that’s likely what we’ll do.

That’s really about it. I ordered my Depot Lupron this week. I still haven’t decided if I’ll start this month or next. I still have a bit of time to decide. I’m a little nervous about the injection itself. I saw my GP this week and asked her if she could do the injection for me. She said yes but she also said she would need to read up on it as she hadn’t administered many of them and she remembered they were a bit finicky. This makes me a bit nervous for some reason…