13 weeks

Well, we had our repeat NT ultrasound today. It went much better than last week. Baby was still being stubborn and it took the tech a long time to get him/her in the right position but eventually she got what she needed. The tech today was fantastic. She talked us through the entire ultrasound letting us know what she was doing/looking for and reassuring us that everything looked great. A stark contrast to last week’s tech, who barely spoke to us, which unnecessarily freaked us out as we, of course, (being long-term infertiles) assumed that meant something was terribly wrong.

Anywhooo…today was a GOOD day. We finally…finally let ourselves breathe and actually get a little excited about all of this. I can’t believe at the next ultrasound we’ll be able to find out if there’s a little man or baby girl in there (not that we care in the least) – Crazy to be here. I had almost lost hope that it would ever happen for us.

And today is also my LAST day of hormone supplementation – woohoo! One more blood draw Tuesday and that should be it. I’ve definitely been feeling a bit better since weaning so I’m hoping that I’ve turned a corner and that a lot of the extreme symptoms were caused by the excess hormones I was taking.

So that’s about it for now. I’m feeling incredibly blessed as we begin our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. So much to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends and to all the rest of you, thank you for taking the time to follow me on this journey. Your support has been invaluable. I know I’ve said this before, but I wish with all of my heart that somehow, some way all of you get to the other side of this tough road.


Almost there…

The second trimester, that is.

Phew…looking forward to being done with this nerve-wracking first trimester. I hate to wish time away, especially since I’ve been waiting to experience this for so long, but the first trimester has been tough. Not just physically but emotionally as well. I have been so terrified through these past ten weeks, that I am emotionally drained. I’m hoping this will ease up a bit as I make my way into the next phase of this pregnancy.

My weaning is going well. I’m down to estrace twice daily and suppositories twice daily. No more PIO injections and no more patches! Today’s E2 level was 2643 and P4 was 33.6. What I am most excited with in weaning off the meds is that very soon there will be no more weekly blood draws! You have NO idea how frustrating these have been. Week after week of screw ups and miscommunication. It’s been beyond annoying.

I had my NT ultrasound yesterday. It was great to see the little one moving around like crazy. The scan did end up causing us a bit of worry, however – only because the tech wasn’t as chatty as past techs and so it made us worry that something was up. When I met with my OB today, however, she said that according to the report she received everything looked normal. She did say that the radiologist couldn’t get a clear picture or measurements of everything because of the postion of the little one, but she said everything they did record was normal. So she said we could either just leave it or redo the scan next week if that would make me feel better. After discussing it with her, I think I’ll repeat it – just for peace of mind.

So that’s that for now…12 weeks tomorrow – very grateful.

This and That

I had my first OB appointment today – it went well. Nothing too terribly exciting. Dr. S has been my OB/GYN for the past several years (and she’s also a family friend) so I know her well and am very comfortable with her. We talked about quite a few things, including amniocentisis, and in the end we’ve decided not to do it. I know there is a small margin of error with CCS-tested embryos, but given the risks of amnio, neither we nor Dr. S felt that the amnio was worth the risk. We have the NT ultrasound scheduled for September 26th so if that goes well, that should be it for screening.

In other news, I had some minor spotting again this weekend – just a small amount when I wiped but it was there and red, so that freaked me out. I had a bit Saturday and then a bit again yesterday. I’m hoping it’s just from the suppositories but it always scares the crap out me. I’ll be very glad to get these suppositories over and done with – I’d take the PIO injection over the suppositories any day.

Sadly, I had to cancel a get-together Saturday with local blogging friends Lisa and Iveta due to the spotting. I was super disappointed but the spotting had me pretty freaked and I wouldn’t have been great company. Hopefully once this scary first trimester is over, we’ll be able to reschedule.

The “morning” sickness has been relentless – I’ve pretty much felt like I’ve been on a spinning carnival ride for the past few weeks – I hope it goes away soon. Luckily I haven’t been vomiting non-stop though, usually just once or twice a day. As miserable as the nausea is, it does continue to reassure me that I’m still pregnant so that’s the bright side.

Other than that, not too much to report. Oh the only other thing that’s driving me nuts – my stupid blood pressure. I don’t have high blood pressure but every single time I’m at the doctor, it’s elevated. It’s super annoying because when I take it at home, it’s always around 117/78 but at the doctor, it’s usually over 130. I know this happens to some people but I wish it wouldn’t. It freaks me out. I think next time I see Dr. S, I’m going to take my monitor with me just to see how closely it reads to hers to make sure the readings I’m getting at home are accurate.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Thinking about my friend from My Fertility Blog who has had a rough go of things lately. Hoping that her one little embryo passes CCS testing and brings her the baby she’s waited so long for. This is such a tough road for so many of us.