10 weeks

10 weeks today. Double digits – definitely a milestone.

Nausea and vomiting are still going strong – I sure hope they subside soon. Otherwise, I’m pretty good. Still pretty tired and definitely feel some aches and pains down below – I assume there’s some stretching going on but all and all, everything’s good.

My levels are still increasing. Yesterday’s P4 was 43 and E2 was 1989. I’m finally starting to wean which I think I’m more excited about than nervous. I am a little nervous though – especially with my progesterone – just because it took a lot to finally get it nice and high so the thought of decreasing my meds is a bit scary, but I trust that CCRM knows what they’re doing and I am definitely excited to finally be getting rid of some of these drugs.

In other news, we still haven’t told a sole about our pregnancy – not even our parents. We’re waiting until after our 12 week ultrasound and then hopefully we’ll finally feel a bit more comfortable about everything. Oh – wait…that’s not entirely true. I actually did spill the beans to my boss earlier this week. I didn’t want to tell him but I’ve just been having such a tough time with the nausea and vomiting lately that I thought I should fill him in. I’ve had to take a day here and there off work and have also not felt completely up to par performance-wise so K and I decided he needed to know. I’m actually super glad I told him because it gives me some more flexibility in terms of working from home if need be etc.

I think that’s about all my news for today. Hope everyone’s doing OK.


This and That

I had my first OB appointment today – it went well. Nothing too terribly exciting. Dr. S has been my OB/GYN for the past several years (and she’s also a family friend) so I know her well and am very comfortable with her. We talked about quite a few things, including amniocentisis, and in the end we’ve decided not to do it. I know there is a small margin of error with CCS-tested embryos, but given the risks of amnio, neither we nor Dr. S felt that the amnio was worth the risk. We have the NT ultrasound scheduled for September 26th so if that goes well, that should be it for screening.

In other news, I had some minor spotting again this weekend – just a small amount when I wiped but it was there and red, so that freaked me out. I had a bit Saturday and then a bit again yesterday. I’m hoping it’s just from the suppositories but it always scares the crap out me. I’ll be very glad to get these suppositories over and done with – I’d take the PIO injection over the suppositories any day.

Sadly, I had to cancel a get-together Saturday with local blogging friends Lisa and Iveta due to the spotting. I was super disappointed but the spotting had me pretty freaked and I wouldn’t have been great company. Hopefully once this scary first trimester is over, we’ll be able to reschedule.

The “morning” sickness has been relentless – I’ve pretty much felt like I’ve been on a spinning carnival ride for the past few weeks – I hope it goes away soon. Luckily I haven’t been vomiting non-stop though, usually just once or twice a day. As miserable as the nausea is, it does continue to reassure me that I’m still pregnant so that’s the bright side.

Other than that, not too much to report. Oh the only other thing that’s driving me nuts – my stupid blood pressure. I don’t have high blood pressure but every single time I’m at the doctor, it’s elevated. It’s super annoying because when I take it at home, it’s always around 117/78 but at the doctor, it’s usually over 130. I know this happens to some people but I wish it wouldn’t. It freaks me out. I think next time I see Dr. S, I’m going to take my monitor with me just to see how closely it reads to hers to make sure the readings I’m getting at home are accurate.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. Thinking about my friend from My Fertility Blog who has had a rough go of things lately. Hoping that her one little embryo passes CCS testing and brings her the baby she’s waited so long for. This is such a tough road for so many of us.

Ultrasound #2

8 weeks 4 days. Yikes. I know…I still have a LONG way to go but I’m just trying to take it one day at a time so every single day feels like a huge milestone. Friday will mark 9 weeks.

I had my second ultrasound today and everything’s looking good. Baby is measuring one day ahead at 8 weeks 5 days with a heartbeat of 176 bpm. Seeing his/her heart beating is the coolest thing ever. I couldn’t see the screen at first but K caught a glimpse and saw the heartbeat right away…very relieved.

In other news, morning sickness is the pits! I am NOT complaining whatsoever because any and every symptom, no matter how horrid, means that I am indeed pregnant – and that is the only thing that matters. period.

I didn’t have morning sickness with my first pregnancy so I had no idea what to expect but whoa nelly – it’s a trip. I threw up earlier this morning and then as K and I were on the way to our ultrasound we had to make an emergency stop on the side of the road where I proceeded to hurl the contents of my stomach all over the boulevard (luckily I managed to miss our car for the most part). Ewww. Again – not complaining…just in awe of all of this – every single moment.

I hope all of you get to experience this at some point – not the morning sickness :-), of course, but this beautiful gift of pregnancy. It is an absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring experience – especially for those of us who have been through so much to get here.


Today was a BIG day…giant day. Ultrasound #1.

It’s been a tough week. I had some spotting and cramping last week – Monday, Thursday and Friday. The spotting was fairly minor – was really just there when I wiped, but it was bright red at times and that, along with some fairly moderate cramping, had me beside myself with worry. The nurses at CCRM talked me off the ledge on more than one occasion, reassuring me that both spotting and cramping (and, yes, even together) are very, very common in IVF pregnancies. I wish that had been enough to put my mind at ease but it wasn’t – Friday was a bad, bad day. CCRM had me start an antibiotic Friday as well – just in case. The way the nurse explained it was that if something could get out (i.e. blood), then there was a possibility of infection getting in, so better to be safe.

Luckily the spotting tapered off Friday evening but I then got a wicked headache that lasted until end of day Saturday. Nausea started Saturday as well, which weirdly enough made me feel better – Nausea is a good sign, right?

Anyhow, no more spotting since Friday (knock on wood), still have some mild cramping coming and going and I’m definitely nauseous. I haven’t thrown up yet but have felt nauseous on and off since Saturday (which I’m not complaining about one tiny bit – it’s somehow reassuring).

I had my levels checked Friday as well and am still struggling a bit with my P4, although Dr. M isn’t terribly concerned. I’m already on suppositories 4/day as well as 1 cc of PIO daily so they don’t want to increase it any further. I’m trying not to worry about it and just trust in my doctor.

And now, finally, the BIG news of the day. Today’s ultrasound went great – there is one, beautifully breathtaking bean inside ladies! According to the ultrasound tech, our little bean is doing great – measuring in at 6.6 mm with a heartbeat of 121 bpm – unbelievable. I am in shock. The tech said that s(he) is measuring a day ahead at 6w4d gestational age. Very emotional day for me. Aside from a few tears, I held it together in the ultrasound room but when we got to the car, let me tell you the flood gates burst. So happy, so relieved….in awe.

Still not out of the woods…don’t know that I will ever truly feel ‘safe’ after what we’ve been through but today things are looking good.