Graduation and Telling

As of yesterday, I’ve officially graduated from CCRM. Wow – I can’t believe I’m typing that. My E2 and P4 levels from my last blood draw were good – both increased despite no supplementation since Friday so the placenta is now fully doing its job.

We also decided it was probably time to start telling a few people…well that was the plan anyhow. Saturday we told K’s parents, which was SO much fun! They had absolutely no idea and were completely floored. K’s dad broke down in tears immediately (and then again 45 minutes later out of the blue). We told my mom the following day and that was pretty exciting as well. She wasn’t quite as shocked as K’s parents as she had a tiny bit of a hunch but it was still lots of fun nonetheless.

We hadn’t planned a lot further ahead than sharing the news with our parents but it became clear very quickly that if we wanted to be the ones to tell our friends and family, we better do it soon as our mothers were chomping at the bit. So over the course of the long weekend, between the two of us, we told most of our close friends and family. There are still a few more to go but we’re almost there. It’s been fun but totally exhausting. It’s super strange to go from having this secret between the two of us for the past 13 weeks (actually longer if you count our trip down to Denver as no one knew we were going) to sharing the news with everyone close to us. It actually kind of stressed us out a bit but we just have to trust that everything will be OK.

Speaking of which, we had an appointment with our OB yesterday and everything looks great. We finally got to hear the baby’s heartbeat which was phenomenonal (this was the first time we’ve heard it – we’ve seen it on ultrasound before but haven’t actually heard it. So cool.).

So…that’s about it for me. Feeling very, very, VERY fortunate to be where I am today.


Almost there…

The second trimester, that is.

Phew…looking forward to being done with this nerve-wracking first trimester. I hate to wish time away, especially since I’ve been waiting to experience this for so long, but the first trimester has been tough. Not just physically but emotionally as well. I have been so terrified through these past ten weeks, that I am emotionally drained. I’m hoping this will ease up a bit as I make my way into the next phase of this pregnancy.

My weaning is going well. I’m down to estrace twice daily and suppositories twice daily. No more PIO injections and no more patches! Today’s E2 level was 2643 and P4 was 33.6. What I am most excited with in weaning off the meds is that very soon there will be no more weekly blood draws! You have NO idea how frustrating these have been. Week after week of screw ups and miscommunication. It’s been beyond annoying.

I had my NT ultrasound yesterday. It was great to see the little one moving around like crazy. The scan did end up causing us a bit of worry, however – only because the tech wasn’t as chatty as past techs and so it made us worry that something was up. When I met with my OB today, however, she said that according to the report she received everything looked normal. She did say that the radiologist couldn’t get a clear picture or measurements of everything because of the postion of the little one, but she said everything they did record was normal. So she said we could either just leave it or redo the scan next week if that would make me feel better. After discussing it with her, I think I’ll repeat it – just for peace of mind.

So that’s that for now…12 weeks tomorrow – very grateful.

10 weeks

10 weeks today. Double digits – definitely a milestone.

Nausea and vomiting are still going strong – I sure hope they subside soon. Otherwise, I’m pretty good. Still pretty tired and definitely feel some aches and pains down below – I assume there’s some stretching going on but all and all, everything’s good.

My levels are still increasing. Yesterday’s P4 was 43 and E2 was 1989. I’m finally starting to wean which I think I’m more excited about than nervous. I am a little nervous though – especially with my progesterone – just because it took a lot to finally get it nice and high so the thought of decreasing my meds is a bit scary, but I trust that CCRM knows what they’re doing and I am definitely excited to finally be getting rid of some of these drugs.

In other news, we still haven’t told a sole about our pregnancy – not even our parents. We’re waiting until after our 12 week ultrasound and then hopefully we’ll finally feel a bit more comfortable about everything. Oh – wait…that’s not entirely true. I actually did spill the beans to my boss earlier this week. I didn’t want to tell him but I’ve just been having such a tough time with the nausea and vomiting lately that I thought I should fill him in. I’ve had to take a day here and there off work and have also not felt completely up to par performance-wise so K and I decided he needed to know. I’m actually super glad I told him because it gives me some more flexibility in terms of working from home if need be etc.

I think that’s about all my news for today. Hope everyone’s doing OK.

Chance Encounters

Two weeks ago, after returning from Denver, we were standing in line at the airport waiting to fill out our missing luggage report with a good chunk of the rest of the flight’s passengers. There were three people in line in front of us who we ended up chatting with quite a bit while waiting. We shared a few laughs about our missing luggage and found out that two of them were doctors returning after a month in Nigeria. They were really nice people and made the long wait much more bearable. One of the doctors took a call while we were waiting and it was fairly obvious that he was an OBGYN.

Fast forward to today. K and I were leaving the hospital after having my blood drawn for my weekly E2 and P4 levels. As we stepped outside, who did we see, but one of the doctors from the airport. We immediately recognized him and I’m fairly sure he recognized us (I’m not that memorable but people always remember K). He stopped and gave us a huge smile, K asked if he had gotten his luggage back and he laughed and shook both of our hands. He then asked us what we were doing at the hospital. We don’t tell many people about what we’re going through but for some reason we explained to him about Denver, IVF and our most recent transfer. He was so kind. He hugged both of us and then raised his hands above his head in a prayer-like gesture and wished us the best of luck. It was such an odd little encounter but really touching on some level. We live in a small city and there are only a handful of OBGYNs and after thinking about it and re-reading Iveta’s birth story post, I’m pretty certain that this lovely man was the surgeon who delivered baby Olivia. Small world indeed.

In other news, my levels are looking good so far. Beta #4 today came in at 3214 and E2 was at 522. Unfortunately, they didn’t receive my P4 but I’m hoping they will have it by Monday. P4s are processed at another lab, but why it takes so freakin’ long when it’s a STAT order is beyond me. I’m not totally stressed because my last P4 was Sunday so it hasn’t technically been a week yet. Still…I’d like to know.

Been thinking about everyone out there in blog-land and hope you’re all doing OK.

Beta #2

I just got the results of Beta #2 – 446, so a doubling time of 37.43 hours. The nurse said it was a very good number. My E2 came back at 808 (up from 314 on Friday).

It was another nail-biter day. Got my blood drawn around 9:00 am. Emailed the nursing staff to let them know to expect the results. Heard nothing all day and was freaking out. Called and left a message…nothing. Called the lab here and they confirmed that they faxed the results at 1:30 pm. Finally around 5:30 pm I had had enough and called the after-hours nurse. She was super understanding and said she would call the lab here right away and then called me back with the results within five minutes. She did not yet have the P4 results but I wasn’t surprised – they have to go to a different lab and it’s a long weekend here. Probably won’t get those until Tuesday which I can live with. Since Friday, I’ve increased my prometrium and also added in PIO injections every second day so I’m hoping that does the trick and brings my P4 up.

For now, I am remaining cautiously optimistic. After hanging up with the nurse, I had my first emotional reaction since my first positive HPT last week (I’ve been pretty stoic about all of this so far – a defense mechanism I think). I had a huge, sobbing cry and a huge hug from K – which felt great. I definitely needed the release.