Chance Encounters

Two weeks ago, after returning from Denver, we were standing in line at the airport waiting to fill out our missing luggage report with a good chunk of the rest of the flight’s passengers. There were three people in line in front of us who we ended up chatting with quite a bit while waiting. We shared a few laughs about our missing luggage and found out that two of them were doctors returning after a month in Nigeria. They were really nice people and made the long wait much more bearable. One of the doctors took a call while we were waiting and it was fairly obvious that he was an OBGYN.

Fast forward to today. K and I were leaving the hospital after having my blood drawn for my weekly E2 and P4 levels. As we stepped outside, who did we see, but one of the doctors from the airport. We immediately recognized him and I’m fairly sure he recognized us (I’m not that memorable but people always remember K). He stopped and gave us a huge smile, K asked if he had gotten his luggage back and he laughed and shook both of our hands. He then asked us what we were doing at the hospital. We don’t tell many people about what we’re going through but for some reason we explained to him about Denver, IVF and our most recent transfer. He was so kind. He hugged both of us and then raised his hands above his head in a prayer-like gesture and wished us the best of luck. It was such an odd little encounter but really touching on some level. We live in a small city and there are only a handful of OBGYNs and after thinking about it and re-reading Iveta’s birth story post, I’m pretty certain that this lovely man was the surgeon who delivered baby Olivia. Small world indeed.

In other news, my levels are looking good so far. Beta #4 today came in at 3214 and E2 was at 522. Unfortunately, they didn’t receive my P4 but I’m hoping they will have it by Monday. P4s are processed at another lab, but why it takes so freakin’ long when it’s a STAT order is beyond me. I’m not totally stressed because my last P4 was Sunday so it hasn’t technically been a week yet. Still…I’d like to know.

Been thinking about everyone out there in blog-land and hope you’re all doing OK.


Beta #3

Beta #3, which I had drawn yesterday came back at 975 – up from 446 on Sunday so still more than doubling every 48 hours. The extra suppository and the addition of the PIO injection did the trick and my P4 significantly increased, which made me relax a bit. Still very, very difficult to get my head wrapped around this. It’s just so incredibly hard to believe that this might actually be happening. Still not feeling out of the woods yet…I doubt that will actually happen until there’s a baby in my arms but I am remaining in the moment and cautiously optimistic. Thank you all for your kind words and continued support. It means the world to me!

Beta #2

I just got the results of Beta #2 – 446, so a doubling time of 37.43 hours. The nurse said it was a very good number. My E2 came back at 808 (up from 314 on Friday).

It was another nail-biter day. Got my blood drawn around 9:00 am. Emailed the nursing staff to let them know to expect the results. Heard nothing all day and was freaking out. Called and left a message…nothing. Called the lab here and they confirmed that they faxed the results at 1:30 pm. Finally around 5:30 pm I had had enough and called the after-hours nurse. She was super understanding and said she would call the lab here right away and then called me back with the results within five minutes. She did not yet have the P4 results but I wasn’t surprised – they have to go to a different lab and it’s a long weekend here. Probably won’t get those until Tuesday which I can live with. Since Friday, I’ve increased my prometrium and also added in PIO injections every second day so I’m hoping that does the trick and brings my P4 up.

For now, I am remaining cautiously optimistic. After hanging up with the nurse, I had my first emotional reaction since my first positive HPT last week (I’ve been pretty stoic about all of this so far – a defense mechanism I think). I had a huge, sobbing cry and a huge hug from K – which felt great. I definitely needed the release.

This ride is NOT for the faint of heart…

Well ladies…it’s been a crazy couple of weeks full of highs and lows, and as I sit down to write this…

Let me start by saying that I have been sporadically checking in on all of you over the past couple of weeks and I will get caught up on all of your happenings very soon but you have never been far from my thoughts. I did manage to hear the news that Sunflower got a BFP and let me just say how incredibly happy I am for her. Yay!!!

As for me, we had a lovely time in Denver. We made a little holiday of it and really enjoyed ourselves. Sadly, we were down there right after the Aurora shootings – so incredibly sad.

We stayed at the Element this time. We usually stay at Staybridge in DTC but the prices were through the roof this time so we went with the Element. We really enjoyed it for the most part except for a couple of minor issues. The thing we missed most about Staybridge was the people, who we found much friendlier.

TRANSFER DAY (July 25) The day started off a bit rough. I’d been pretty calm leading up to the big day but that morning I was a ball of nerves. We got a call from one of the embryologists early in the morning confirming that we were unthawing two embies. A couple of hours later she called back – just as we were heading out to CCRM – to let us know that one our little guys didn’t make it. She asked if she could unthaw our other CCS normal and we said of course. Although I wasn’t totally shocked that our little 6BB didn’t make it (Dr. M had advised me during our post-CCS results chat that the 6’s could be quite delicate due to the fact that they had already hatched), I was taken aback by how sad I was for our little bean. I had a little 10-15 minute breakdown and then pulled myself together and tried to focus on our other two embies.

The transfer itself went great. Acupuncture was super relaxing, my bladder was beyond full (so yes I had the joy of using a bed pan), embies looked great…all and all couldn’t have gone better. Dr. M gave me a big hug before she left (which caused a very strong emotional reaction – I was so choked up I wasn’t able to get the words out to properly thank her). And we were on our way.

Bedrest was not so much fun. I have back issues and after two days in bed, my back was a hot mess but thankfully it was OK once I was able to get back to moving around.

We stopped by CCRM once more on our way out of town to double check my levels as my E2 was a bit low transfer day. Flight home was good (although our luggage didn’t arrive until the next day) and then the hardest part of all of this…the dreaded TWW.

I kept a list of symptoms just in case anyone is like me and obsessively scours other people’s blogs looking for signs and symptoms during the TWW.

Didn’t notice much other than very faint pms’y cramps – very, very minor though. Sore back but due to bedrest.

More crampy today. Mild lower back cramping as well.

Not much in terms of symptoms today. Feeling really good actually.

Feeling good. Back is a bit sore. Minor cramping, twinges. Bbs are a bit tender.

Crampy today. Wiped after peeing and slight pink/peach colour on tissue (nervous). Sore bbs.

Sore bbs overnight. Lower back ache. Cramping overnight (very nervous).  Still crampy but seems to have let up slightly. Mild nausea (not even sure I would call it nausea, but something?). Some red on tissue in evening when I wiped, then later brown.

Cramping much less. A little brown spotting (very minor). One episode of red again on tissue when I wiped (STOP IT!!).

BETA DAY (August 3) NERVOUS as I’ve ever been – in my whole life. Bad experience at the lab. The same tech who drew my E2 three weeks earlier and had no problem faxing to CCRM, today decided faxing the results to CCRM and not to my primary physician here was against their policy. Nice. After a meltdown in which I explained that my doctor here who co-wrote the requisition was not in the office and that I needed the results sent to CCRM TODAY and with K on the verge of losing his marbles, she finally conceded. Thanks – just what I needed right now, more stress. Ugg. Oh and to top it off, friends of ours showed up at the lab with their eight month old twins in the midst of all of this (and we have not told a sole about this transfer – luckily they came in at the tail end of it so no one was the wiser).

Results – it’s positive ladies. I am preggo. That feels very, very scary to write but as of this moment (and hopefully for the next nine months, I am actually pregnant). My beta today was 180 (I think that’s a good number). The only worry today is my P4 which has gone down and is currently below where they want it to be. The nurse advised me to increase my progesterone suppositories to four times a day and I also asked to be on PIO, which she agreed to (I’m sure she thinks I’m a total whack-a-doodle obsesso) so I’ll add that in every second day (was a bit of a nightmare to track down but thankfully my good friend Iveta from Little Diiorio had given me some from her cycle). So, hopefully that will do the trick. I’ll get my levels checked again Sunday (although the P4 results won’t likely be back until Tuesday – it’s a long weekend here) and hopefully everything will be where it should be at that point.

I am feeling a bit of PTSD and although I am happy beyond words, I am guarded and cautious. A natural reaction, I believe, to everything we have been through over the past six years. I so hope this works. I want this more than anything I have ever wanted in my life.

Oh, and in case any of you are wondering, yes, I did cave at 7dp5dt and took an HPT. I had absolutely no intention of doing testing before beta day but with all of the cramping and then the minor spotting, I was literally going insane and so I figured I had to do it and it was positive. I took three more just to make sure 😉

I promise to be more regular in posting going forward. I felt bad not updating all of you but I just needed to step away from blogging during this process. I appreciate all of your support more than words can express and I just hope beyond hope, that everything continues to progress well. I need it to.

Lots of love ladies and I will post again soon.