Almost time

Well…my suppression check is tomorrow so I’m looking forward to getting that out of the way. What I’m not looking forward to is returning to my former clinic (they do my satellite monitoring). There haven’t be any negative interactions or anything like that but things just feel weird to me now after everything that’s happened and the whole issue about my hydrosalpinx being missed. I hope it’s not too weird. 

So far things have been fairly uneventful this cycle. Big difference from my first CCRM cycle when there was so much coordination and running around required. This one has been a breeze in comparison. Of course there have been a few hiccups but nothing too bad so far.

The BCPs have been kicking my a$$. I never really noticed that they bothered me too much in the past but they’ve definitely been messing with me this time. I’ve been moody, anxious and have even had some spotting which has never happened to me before. Not sure why the difference but I took my last one yesterday so at least that’s done.

Oh and we ended up missing out on Roscoe (the dachshund we were considering adopting). It’s a long story and I don’t have the energy to get into it right now, but we missed out. I just hope he’s OK and with a good family.

Hard to believe that if all goes well tomorrow and then a week from tomorrow, we will be on our way to Denver again next week. Hope this is a good cycle!