One Year Later…

I can’t believe that one year ago tomorrow, on July 25, 2012, I was reunited with my two precious embryos that I worked so, so hard for. Six years, one devastating loss, four IVFs, three FETs, one major surgery and….finally, finally my baby found his way home and on this day, one year ago, my life changed forever.

Still, as I sit here writing this post and watching my son (MY son…still sounds strange), wiggle around in his bed, I can’t believe that I made it to the other side. If I think too much about it all, it brings me to tears. It was such a long, lonely, hard…incredibly hard, journey to where I am today but worth every single tear.

July 25, 2012. This day will forever be stamped on my heart and crystal clear in my memory. Miracles do happen.



11 thoughts on “One Year Later…

  1. Jen, your baby is BEYEWTIFUL! I’m so glad life is full and rich and satisfying. It IS amazing to think we made it to the other side. All the pain and grief was so worth it! Enjoy every minute with that beautiful boy…

  2. It really does make one appreciate the miracle of how a baby comes to be, doesn’t it? I think that awe is often lost on fertiles, and I smugly think our group of lovely ladies appreciate these tiny lives a bit more than those who had an easier time. He is absolutely beautiful, by the way! Glad you are enjoying him 🙂

    • It is nothing short of a miracle Libby. Thank you for commenting – I know how tough of a time you are having and I appreciate your continued support. I will never, ever…ever forget how hard IF is and how incredibly lucky I am to be where I am.

  3. It’s amazing the days we remember!! July 5th and August 26th will always be my days! (Including Labor Day when I found out I was pregnant)
    Longest 9 months of my life! He is just gorgeous!!
    We did it!!

  4. Beautiful post, and beautiful little boy. I am beyond greatfull we are both on the other side. Yes, let’s get together soon

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