Graduation and Telling

As of yesterday, I’ve officially graduated from CCRM. Wow – I can’t believe I’m typing that. My E2 and P4 levels from my last blood draw were good – both increased despite no supplementation since Friday so the placenta is now fully doing its job.

We also decided it was probably time to start telling a few people…well that was the plan anyhow. Saturday we told K’s parents, which was SO much fun! They had absolutely no idea and were completely floored. K’s dad broke down in tears immediately (and then again 45 minutes later out of the blue). We told my mom the following day and that was pretty exciting as well. She wasn’t quite as shocked as K’s parents as she had a tiny bit of a hunch but it was still lots of fun nonetheless.

We hadn’t planned a lot further ahead than sharing the news with our parents but it became clear very quickly that if we wanted to be the ones to tell our friends and family, we better do it soon as our mothers were chomping at the bit. So over the course of the long weekend, between the two of us, we told most of our close friends and family. There are still a few more to go but we’re almost there. It’s been fun but totally exhausting. It’s super strange to go from having this secret between the two of us for the past 13 weeks (actually longer if you count our trip down to Denver as no one knew we were going) to sharing the news with everyone close to us. It actually kind of stressed us out a bit but we just have to trust that everything will be OK.

Speaking of which, we had an appointment with our OB yesterday and everything looks great. We finally got to hear the baby’s heartbeat which was phenomenonal (this was the first time we’ve heard it – we’ve seen it on ultrasound before but haven’t actually heard it. So cool.).

So…that’s about it for me. Feeling very, very, VERY fortunate to be where I am today.


7 thoughts on “Graduation and Telling

  1. OMG my time to graduate seemed forever….and here you are…that was SOOOO quick! Well….maybe not for you, I know it’s been a nail biter. I’m so glad you’re here and so happy…I have something for you that you need right now. We need to make plans! Email me when is good for you. I am at home and open.

  2. Absolutely so excited (and got a bit teary hearing about your father in law!). Keep us posted as things progress. Can’t wait to “graduate” too!!

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