Chance Encounters

Two weeks ago, after returning from Denver, we were standing in line at the airport waiting to fill out our missing luggage report with a good chunk of the rest of the flight’s passengers. There were three people in line in front of us who we ended up chatting with quite a bit while waiting. We shared a few laughs about our missing luggage and found out that two of them were doctors returning after a month in Nigeria. They were really nice people and made the long wait much more bearable. One of the doctors took a call while we were waiting and it was fairly obvious that he was an OBGYN.

Fast forward to today. K and I were leaving the hospital after having my blood drawn for my weekly E2 and P4 levels. As we stepped outside, who did we see, but one of the doctors from the airport. We immediately recognized him and I’m fairly sure he recognized us (I’m not that memorable but people always remember K). He stopped and gave us a huge smile, K asked if he had gotten his luggage back and he laughed and shook both of our hands. He then asked us what we were doing at the hospital. We don’t tell many people about what we’re going through but for some reason we explained to him about Denver, IVF and our most recent transfer. He was so kind. He hugged both of us and then raised his hands above his head in a prayer-like gesture and wished us the best of luck. It was such an odd little encounter but really touching on some level. We live in a small city and there are only a handful of OBGYNs and after thinking about it and re-reading Iveta’s birth story post, I’m pretty certain that this lovely man was the surgeon who delivered baby Olivia. Small world indeed.

In other news, my levels are looking good so far. Beta #4 today came in at 3214 and E2 was at 522. Unfortunately, they didn’t receive my P4 but I’m hoping they will have it by Monday. P4s are processed at another lab, but why it takes so freakin’ long when it’s a STAT order is beyond me. I’m not totally stressed because my last P4 was Sunday so it hasn’t technically been a week yet. Still…I’d like to know.

Been thinking about everyone out there in blog-land and hope you’re all doing OK.


9 thoughts on “Chance Encounters

  1. Hey Jen, great to see you Beta numbers going up great… As I mentionned before, I am SO happy for you both. Nice story about the OB. Maybe he’ll end-up being the one following you!!! When are you going for an ultrasound to see the little heartbeat???
    Take Care

  2. JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I know I have dropped off the face of blogland of late but this news brings me to INCREDIBLE tears of joy!!! I am so beyond thrilled you are pg!!! This has made my day!! I will promise to be more supportive as this summer has been a complete blur with normalcy soon on the horizon…but still…no excuses! Please accept my apologies…hugs!! Jumping up and down with happiness!

  3. What a nice encounter, so nice that he was excited for you 🙂 Also sort of funny that as hospital employees, it is drilled into us that we shouldn’t ask friends why they are at the hospital when we see them by chance, but it’s actually the doctors who I’ve seen do this the most ; )

    Your numbers look great! Can’t wait to hear about your first u/s!

  4. Cool story about that chance encounter…I love when nice things like that happen by chance. Your numbers sound great! Cannot wait to hear about the first u/s!

  5. Hey I feel famous! Thanks for mentioning me and Dr. A. He is amazing…..and sounds just like him. I had no idea he was gone back home again. Yes, he is a legend in this city…I was very fortunate to have him….others would not have given me a c-section with no screen for that matter, very easily. SSSOOOOOO freakin excited about our numbers. Hey listen….I can’t stress this enough for you. Tell the person at the Genearal lab that Prov Lab needs to know the STAT is coming, and THAT person needs to call Prov Lab and tell them. The problem is that the general lab ppl are always turning over, hardly ever the same person, and you will have to do this EVERY time you draw P4. The STAT passes too many hands at the hospital, and the fact that it’s a STAT gets lost along the way, and it either gets to Prov Lab as not a STAT at all, or it gets there as a STAT and no one at Prov Lab is advised of it coming, so they don’t look for it, nor make it a priority. So this is what you do: Get your doctor to order your E2 and P4 as a standing order, so you dont have to get a fresh order every time you go. The lab at the general keeps it on file and takes a photo copy every time you come in. Tell the general lab person checking you in that they are STATS and that Prov Lab needs to be called so they expect it and look for it. If they don’t call in front of you, or it Denver does not have the result by 3:30, call Debbie at the number I gave you and make sure they got it and ran it as a STAT. There were days where I put a bib on everyone in the P4 chain and it STILL fell through the cracks. You will be doing this for at least 12 weeks….get in the habit of not worrying about pissing ppl off. Hey! I have a few VERY important pregnancy things…..I HAVE to see you after your first u/s……so amazingly happy for you!

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