Beta #2

I just got the results of Beta #2 – 446, so a doubling time of 37.43 hours. The nurse said it was a very good number. My E2 came back at 808 (up from 314 on Friday).

It was another nail-biter day. Got my blood drawn around 9:00 am. Emailed the nursing staff to let them know to expect the results. Heard nothing all day and was freaking out. Called and left a message…nothing. Called the lab here and they confirmed that they faxed the results at 1:30 pm. Finally around 5:30 pm I had had enough and called the after-hours nurse. She was super understanding and said she would call the lab here right away and then called me back with the results within five minutes. She did not yet have the P4 results but I wasn’t surprised – they have to go to a different lab and it’s a long weekend here. Probably won’t get those until Tuesday which I can live with. Since Friday, I’ve increased my prometrium and also added in PIO injections every second day so I’m hoping that does the trick and brings my P4 up.

For now, I am remaining cautiously optimistic. After hanging up with the nurse, I had my first emotional reaction since my first positive HPT last week (I’ve been pretty stoic about all of this so far – a defense mechanism I think). I had a huge, sobbing cry and a huge hug from K – which felt great. I definitely needed the release.


9 thoughts on “Beta #2

  1. OMG Jen!!! You know how I feel. Beyond tears happy for you. I can’t wait to see you. Your Betas are amazing. Mine were 50 and 181 and look at Livi now….so you’re doing AWESOME. Keep the faith my friend…..this was meant to be and you deserve this happiness. Let me know when I can see you!

  2. Jen!!! I am so freaking happy for you! I wrote you a comment on your last post but it disappeared somehow (I hate iPads!) – but believe me I read it and was SOOOOO excited! You are on such a good path right now, I cannot wait to hear more good news!!

  3. Congratulations! Those are great numbers, and I’m glad you are feeling some relief! This is really happening for you! Yay!

  4. Wooohoo! You made it over another hurdle. Do you feel like an Olympian? Rooting for you!!!! I had so much trouble with labs communicating my results to CCRM – try not to let it stress you out too bad – not good for the baby 🙂

  5. Jen!!! Oh Jen!!! I have been offline most of the weekend to decompress! So happy for you!

    170 is a WONDERFUL number! My 9dpt beta from my frozen transfer was in the low 150’s and 48 hours later it was just under double…so there’s a possibility both embryos are still cooking.

    I doubt the nurse thinks you’re wacky for wanting to do PIO in addition to suppositories, as that was the same protocol they put me on (but I was only on three suppositories). Remember, when you are on suppositories, your P4 will be lower because it’s not absorbed into your bloodstream quite as well.

    Doing the happy dance over here for you!!!



  6. Jen!!!!! I am SO incredibly happy for you and K, I can’t even put it into words… Wishing you a happy/healthy 9 months!!!!!!! (lots of tears happening right now ;))… Much love

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