Help! Lupron

I need your help ladies. My FET calendar instructs me to start taking Lupron in about three weeks. The problem is when I went to my neighbourhood pharmacy, they said they wouldn’t be able to get it – it’s backordered with no expected availability date.

I’ve done some digging and have now managed to totally confuse myself! My prescription calls for Lupron 5 MG/ML injection kit (10 extra needles) but when I called around/searched online, all I’ve found is a two week 1 mg/0.2 ml kit??

I called Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and asked about it and they said that they have the 1 mg/0.2 ml kit but that they can compound and ship any other dosage. That’s fine except that the compounded meds have to be refrigerated and used within 28 days and Freedom doesn’t ship to Canada so we’d have to drive across the border right before I was about to start the injections (can’t get it too far in advance because of the 28 day expiration and I’m on it for almost a month) and pick up – not a huge deal but way more complicated than I thought. What if the shipment didn’t arrive at the FedEx location and I needed to start the injections the next day – the drive is about five hours each way.

Is it this hard to get this particular med in this dosage (5 MG/ML)? Anyone have any experience/thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


11 thoughts on “Help! Lupron

  1. I'm sorry for not being helpful, but I can't remember my dosage for the lupron or the circumstances around getting it. Gosh, the last thing you need is to deal with the stress around this. I hope you're able to get the meds without anymore issues.

  2. Or as a last resort…have them send the prescription to a pharmacy in Minot?? Might be worth the 4 hr drive?? Dunno…that's what I always thought I would do if I had to. Good luck! Ah…this transborder care is soooo stressful. I know!!

  3. Sorry, I don't remember dosages. I have heard of shortages but was always able to get it at Braun in Chicago when other pharmacies were out of it. As a last resort, you could check them out. Hope it all works out for you and you get what you need!

  4. Agree with IVFylgirl there is always a shortage of Lupron :-(I used the 14 day kit. Last Oct I got a vial from a pharmacy in California due to the shortage, I don't recall the name. It was refrigerated but not 28 days expiration. Am out of town but can send you the name on Fri.

  5. Thanks chick – so, so sweet of you to offer but my border is a'tiny' but far from Seattle 🙂 I super appreciate the offer though! I'll figure it out somehow.

  6. So excited you are starting Lupron! That means you are getting closer! Hooray!For some strange reason, this happens over and over again with Lupron. All of the pharmacies run out and then get in a huge shipment. I've seen this happen at least four times since August 2010. The three times I was on Lupron, it made me nuts – gave me very vivid dreams, mood swings, insomnia. It seemed that it was compounded slightly different each time. When you get the bottle, it may look like it's not even 1/4 way full. Don't worry – that's the way it comes.As others suggested, I would try to find a pharmacy that can compound it for you. I know there's a pharmacy here locally called Todds ( that was able to help me, but not sure if they ship to Canada. Let us know how it goes!

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