We had our regroup with Dr. M last night. It went well, nothing earth-shattering. It was mostly just me asking her questions as we had already discussed the cycle when she called with the CCS results a couple of weeks ago.

One of the things I asked her about because I’ve been hearing a lot about it recently was the antihistamine protocol for FET. She said that they’ve been using it for a couple of years now and that she usually recommends it for women who have had several nice looking blasts transferred with no success. She said that there weren’t any reasons not to do it in the sense that it wouldn’t decrease the chance of success. If anything, it would help. The only downfall to using it are the side effects from the pred.nisone. It can cause weight gain (which I don’t need…in fact I’m trying to drop some weight before my FET so don’t need any steroids making me gain it right back). The other thing is that she said that there have been some cases of cleft-palate with babies born to women on prednisone. She said that they have not seen any cases at CCRM, however, and she also said that she weans her patients off of it very early on (around six weeks) where some physicians keep there patients on it a lot longer. So I haven’t decided what we’ll do – she said it was up to me.

Other than that…not much. She said that the sonoHSG report she received looked great and that the area in question on my ultrasound was very likely an endometrial fold, which is nothing to be concerned about. She also said it could have been a polyp that was shed with my cycle. Either way, she wasn’t concerned. She recommended transferring two blasts, so I think that’s likely what we’ll do.

That’s really about it. I ordered my Depot Lupron this week. I still haven’t decided if I’ll start this month or next. I still have a bit of time to decide. I’m a little nervous about the injection itself. I saw my GP this week and asked her if she could do the injection for me. She said yes but she also said she would need to read up on it as she hadn’t administered many of them and she remembered they were a bit finicky. This makes me a bit nervous for some reason…


13 thoughts on “Regroup

  1. Hi Teo. I don't know if the antihistamine protocol is done for fresh transfers or just FETs?? Not too sure as I've only ever done FETs at CC.RM due to the CCS testing but I can't see why it couldn't be done for fresh transfers as well?

  2. Glad to see things are moving forward and that you have options of things to try. As for weight gain — don't let that stop you. You'll be gaining weight during your pregnancy so this'll just be a head start 🙂 I gained weight from all the IVF meds but my docs and midwives don't think it's anything to worry about re: the baby. And plus you'll lose it while breastfeeding and/or chasing after your baby. So I recommend giving it a try, esp if it can't hurt your chances and could only help!

  3. Hey girls, sounds like things are moving right along. I waited about a year between FETs so I know the feeling of how time moves slowly. I have a feeling that this will be the one for u. You are taking all the right steps. I never took the depot lupron shots. Why is the injection tricky?

  4. Great to hear things are moving forward for you. I don't have any info on the protocol but I am sure Dr. M will keep close watch over you. Looking forward to following along until your BFP!

  5. I was on the "Rob's Cocktail" (i.e. – antihisthamine protocol) for all of my cycles. I did notice a little puffiness / water retention, but not bad. They told me the same thing – you won't be on it for long and it couldn't hurt – only help. Anotehr piece of trivia that Dr. Sch told me – they used to start with one drug, then add the second if the cycle didn't work, then add the thir if the second cycle didn't work. It was taking too long, it was too expensive and women started getting frustrated, so they started combining them and found the pregnancy rates went up. Looking forward to your FET.

  6. I'm so glad things are moving along – exciting! I never did the Prednisone or the Depot Lupron so I'm kinda useless, unfortunately. It sounds like the Prednisone might be worth trying though, and if you don't like the side effects you can stop. I am so excited you are finally getting going and I will be rooting for you every step of the way!

  7. I am doing Prednisone too, I haven't gained any weight that I can notice since starting it just 7 days ago, you don't start it until 2dp5dt, so if she will take you off of it by 6weeks, that means you will only be on it for 3 weeks, not so long. I'm excited about your transfer, I know it is still a bit far away, but you know I am rooting for you with all my heart!! xoxo

  8. Jen – really rooting for you this next FET. FWIW, I haven't found that weight gain is an issue for me on 10mg of prednisone. at one point, another dr had me on 20mg…and i did gain weight on that…but might be worth trying – if you find you start to gain weight you can always stop it. just my two cents. hoping this transfer is IT for you!Mo

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