Another hurdle crossed

I had my sonoHSG with my former RE this morning to check out the irregularity in my lining that was detected while I was stimming in Denver. The good news is there was absolutely nothing there today. My doctor said that even before she injected the saline she was fairly confident that the cavity was clear and that once she injected the saline and could better visualize everything, she was 100% sure there were no polyps. She said it looked great and then showed me the ultrasound image and it was very obviously not there. She said in all liklihood, the irregularity that showed up on the ultrasound in Denver (which she had seen herself as I emailed her the images) was just an endometrial fold (which Dr. M also said it could be but she wanted to double check and make sure there were no polyps – so thorough – love it).

So now…I guess we’re onto Depot Lupron treatment. So not looking forward to this (actually I think K is more fearful than I am – ha!). I’ll talk to my nurse tomorrow and see what the tentative timeline to FET after the DL treatment is but I’m roughly thinking May/June for transfer. Seems like awhile away still but on the other hand I can’t believe we’ve made it this far and that a transfer is actually in sight! One step at a time…one step at a time!


12 thoughts on “Another hurdle crossed

  1. So glad that you got cleared for the FET and things seem to be progressing! Remember, you're in good hands and I KNOW that this will be a success!

  2. Phew, you must be so relieved to hear the news. I am really happy that it was nothing that required additional treatment. And yes, just take one step at a time, and you will get there 🙂

  3. Yaaay! I'm so happy you got through that hurdle! Would have been a drag to have to do more procedures…Yeah, that Depot Lupron seems like no joke. But it will be worth it once you get that BFP! I'm so excited for you Jen…

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