Sore BBS

OK this is a weird post but I thought I’d check with you guys.

So I’ve had extremely sore bbs for about the past week or so. My retrieval was a little more than two weeks ago and AF arrived last Sunday.

I should preface this by telling you that I normally have sore bbs before AF and I’ve always had fibrocystic breasts (was diagnosed when I was 18). Basically it just means that my bbs are naturally lumpy and tender so this is somewhat normal for me but they have been particularly sore after this most recent retrieval.

I finally caved and emailed my nurse yesterday and asked if this was normal or something I should get checked out. She said that they shouldn’t really be sore after AF and that if they were still bothering me next week, to see my GP.

I’m just wondering if it’s the super dose of estrogen that’s the culprit? I mean really…I was on a high dose of stims and had 21 eggs retrieved so my estrogen was likely pretty high (it usually is…didn’t get the actual number this time). I would imagine that it takes some time for everything to get back to normal, no?

What do you guys think? Anyone experience anything similar or just lucky me?


6 thoughts on “Sore BBS

  1. Sorry, I am no help either. Progesterone is what does it for my bbs. I actually feel pretty good on estrogen. Who knows with all of these hormones we put into our bodies though, right! Hope they decide to calm down 🙂

  2. Don't know what to tell you. Two things make bbs sore…progesterone spike before AF and HCGh. Neither apply to you…might be worth checking out. Not sure about estrogen making them sore….and you didn't have this with your last cycle right? So check it out.

  3. I won't be transferring for awhile newbie. I have to get this irregularity in my lining checked out Monday and then depending on that, we'll see what's next. I'll either have to get it fixed if there is indeed something there or, if not, I'll have to start my two months of De.pot Lupron treatment so at a minimum my FET is two-three months away.

  4. I haven't had direct experience with sore bbs after an IVF cycle, but I will tell you that I often get swollen, tender breasts during my period in general. Hormones do weird things to your bbs. And on estrogen patches my bbs *definitely* got sore, so it could certainly be high estrogen as well – you haven't started patches yet, right? Either way, hopefully it will calm down soon and you won't have to go to the GP. I'm sure it's okay though – with all your body has just gone through it's no wonder things may be a bit tender still. Best of luck, Jen – when are you going to transfer??

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