Well ladies…I have some good news.

Dr. M just called about a half an hour ago with our CCS results. I can’t say that I’ve been a ball of nerves waiting this time because it’s only been a WEEK since we received our day six report. For some reason I had a feeling we would get our results quickly this time and boy did we!

I have to say this cycle has been very different from our last. Every single step of our Spring cycle was nerve-wracking – stimulation, retrieval, fertilization report, day six report and then waiting the four weeks for our CCS results. 

This time was different. I’m not going to say that it’s been completely smooth sailing – I had a massive meltdown on the tarmac waiting for our flight home (which I attributed to a major hormone crash) but for the most part I have felt a sense of peace and general calmness about this cycle. I have tried my best to stay in the moment and to not obsess over every single step of the process and somehow…it worked.

So just to give you a brief re-cap of this cycle since I’ve kept you in the dark for so long (I’m sorry!). We had 21 eggs retrieved, 16 were mature and ICSI’d and of those 5 fertilized normally. We were definitely surprised by the low fertilization rate and there were a few tense days waiting for the day six report but we just kept reminding ourselves that it was just a number and all that mattered was getting a CCS normal embryo in the end. We were pleasantly surprised to hear on day six that all five of our embies had made it! One was biopsied and frozen on day five (4AA) and the other four on day six (2/3, 6BB, 4BB and 3BC). So even though we had started out with so many more in the Spring cycle (14 normally fertilized), we ended up with one more going for CCS testing this round (demonstrating yet again…numbers are just numbers ladies – try not to get too hung up on them)

When I saw the famous 303 area code on the phone tonight, I wasn’t surprised for some reason (again – it’s only been ONE week!). I promptly answered and Dr. M cheerily asked how I was doing. Shockingly, I wasn’t nervous at all and so we made some small talk for a couple of minutes and then she said, “Jennifer, I have some good news for you. I have your CCS results.” And then she told me we have TWO CCS normal embies from this batch!! I am THRILLED. Our normals are our day five 4AA and our day six 6BB. She sounded genuinely excited for us and said she was very happy and very optimistic with the results. She said that you can’t get better than a 4AA and that it was of such good quality that it has an even higher success rate than the standard 60-65% per CCS normal blast. She said that it was really great news. The 6BB is also good quality – the only issue being that it has already hatched so it is more delicate than the others. So she said the plan for transfer will be the 4AA from this cycle and the 3BB from the June cycle. I can’t believe this news – I feel like all of the waiting and delays and surgeries and treatments have all gotten us to this point and I am beyond grateful to have found CCRM. I know we still have a long road ahead of us but we are closer than we’ve ever been.

So what’s next? I have a sonoHSG at my old clinic on Monday to check out an irregularity that was detected in my lining on my monitoring ultrasounds in Denver. Dr. M said it could just be an endometrial fold but it could also be a polyp. She said that the massive amounts of estrogen I’ve been on can make strange things grow in there. If it’s a polyp, it will need to come out but we’ll cross that bridge when we know for sure. After we get this issue figured out, it’s two months of Depot Lupron to treat my absent Beta-3 Integrin and then prepping for FET!

Slowly but surely we’re getting closer! I’m so glad we did a second retrieval. 


18 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Woo hoo! And how great is it that you didn't have to wait too long for the CCS results?!Good luck on Monday. I'm glad to hear they are being so thorough. Yes, it's all worth it for your baby 🙂

  2. YAAAY! Oh Jen, that is such fantastic news! With 3 normals, one (if not all) of those babies is bound to stick. So so happy for you, all your patience has paid off!

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