Why oh why do I open my mouth sometimes?

So…remember yesterday’s post where I said I couldn’t believe how smoothly this cycle was going? I just had to open my big mouth! Damn it – I know better! I basically stuck my tongue out and invited the powers that be to unleash their fury on me and boy did they!

So two and a half weeks ago when I learned that I could no longer get my micro-dose lupron shipped from Todd’s in Denver, I spent the day calling all over trying to find a local pharmacy that could make it for me. To my surprise I found a lovely pharmacist right here in my own city who said it would be ‘NO PROBLEM.’ I gave him the mixing instructions and he said that once I dropped off the prescription from my local doctor, he would have it done in a couple of days.

Fast forward six days. I go to my doctor, get the prescription, drop it off at the pharmacy and again he confirms, ‘NO PROBLEM.’ I explain to him that I start my injections January 26th but that I would like the medication the week prior…just to be safe. ‘NO PROBLEM,’ he says. This was a Friday.

I wait all of the following week but he does not call, so Friday morning I call and ask what’s happening with my medication. He proceeds to tell me that there is a problem with the equipment from the local supplier and he’s going to need to get it shipped from 2.5 hours away. Fine. Can’t blame the guy for equipment not working. The part that does disturb me, however, is the ‘can’t get.’ Don’t you mean ‘couldn’t get,’ as in you’ve already taken care of it and ordered it from your contact in the other city? Nope. ‘But don’t worry Jennifer. It will be here. NO PROBLEM.’ I then ask WHEN will it be here? When, exactly, will I have it in my hands? He tells me Monday or Tuesday by 5 at the VERY latest. I hesitantly hang up – a sinking feeling in my gut.

When I get home that afternoon, I talk to K and explain the situation. K sees how stressed I am and he calls Mr. Smoothtalker himself. K explains the situation, his concerns and Mr. Smoothtalker once again confirms that the medication will be shipped by bus Tuesday and in our hands by 5 PM – he will deliver to our door personally. Uh huh.

So yesterday afternoon K calls again just to ensure that everything is good and that Mr. Smoothtalker will be at our house by 5. He says without hesitation that he will be here but not until 6:30. You can pretty much guess how the rest of this goes. 6:30…7:30…8:30. By this point we have lost our Sh*t. We are freaking out…mad, angry, sad…you name it. K finally had it and decides to call the bus depot to see if the package was picked up and learns that it was just picked up 10 minutes ago.

At 8:50 P.M. Mr. Smoothtalker waltzes up to the door, rings the bell, hands us the package and proceeds to tell us that if we need anything else, we need to deal directly with the pharmacy in the city where the medication was made. Umm…excuse me? YOU’RE giving US attitude about this? He unleashed the beast.

I proceeded to explain to him the undue stress that he put us under and that this entire cycle was dependent upon us receiving this medication in time. The issue was not that there were problems – things happen. The issue was that he obviously did not action this in the timeframe I had requested (i.e. last week) and that he just kept putting us off and then when there were delays, we couldn’t reach him. The pharmacy closed at 6:30 last night and we had no way of finding out what was going on between 6:30 and when he showed up just before 9. His response to all of this was raised eyebrows, a shrug and the response of ‘Well you don’t start the injections until Thursday, right?’ I actually had to leave the room because I felt the urge to physically assault him. K got very quiet and then eventually told him to leave our home. The entire experience was horrific – and this guy OWNS the pharmacy. Seriously. Wow.

Oh and then to keep the fun going, we got up at 4:30 to make the 2.5 drive up to our old clinic for my suppression check, only to be awoken to the lovely sound of freezing rain. The roads were a nightmare, but thankfully we got there in one piece.

And last, but certainly not least, the final chapter in our 24 hours of hell was the email I got from CCRM around 4 this afternoon. Apparently my E2 level is slightly elevated so the nurse indicated that she would have to check with Dr. M to see if I was OK to start my cycle. My E2 level was 89 and they like it below 50 so she was concerned that there may be a small cyst (especially since they couldn’t visualize my left ovary on the ultrasound – this isn’t unusual – it always hides until it’s stimulated). So there was a tense half an hour or so but when she called back she said I was good to go and that Dr. M wasn’t concerned. It’s a bit weird to me as I’ve never had a cyst before but who knows…it might not even be a cyst. I guess if Dr. M is OK with it, I just need to trust that she wouldn’t let me start if she had any concerns.

Lesson learned. Keep my big mouth shut when things are going well!


13 thoughts on “Why oh why do I open my mouth sometimes?

  1. You'll have to tell me who this a-hole is. I had my DHEA mixed here and it almost killed me. I feel so bad for you. I am so glad you got the stuff on time…..$570? WTF??? Anyways…now that this is behind you, trust that it's smooth sailing from now on. Ppl are already hinting about a 'second' one for me….even the ones who know what I went through….your post just reminded me of how much turmoil and work this all is.

  2. OMG — WHY is ordering medication such a freaking nightmare regardless if its through a pharmacy like you did, or through an insurance speciality pharmacy??! I found that the worst part of the whole cycle was getting my meds, even though we all try to be so organized and get in advance. So sorry you had such a rough time of it! I was getting so angry reading your post — last thing you need is that kind of stress.Glad you can proceed though with your cycle.

  3. OMG! How stressful! I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I can't believe that guy was so flippant about everything. I would've ripped him a new one. Hoping that this is the last major hurdle for this cycle and everything goes smoothly from here on out.

  4. Wow, what a day. I can't imagine how I would have lost it. I have come across so many idiots to deal with during the whole IVF/FET process that just make thing so much harder for us. I am at least glad you still got the green light for this cycle.

  5. Wow, just shows us again that non-IF folks just don't get how much of ourselves that we put into our cycles. A pharmacist should know better though. Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out!

  6. Hi anonymous. I'm not sure about within the US, but he's no longer shipping to Canada. Oh and another lovely detail I forgot – when I got the mel from Todd's last spring, it was $90. The same amount here $570!

  7. Oh my god! My Blood pressure was going up just reading your post! I can't believe it was that difficult – especially when he was like "no problem" at every juncture. Glad that Dr. M gave you the green light. I can't wait till you get past all this and are PUPO!

  8. so glad you got the meds in time. hopefully the cyst will absorb and things will go very well for you this cycle.is todd's no longer shipping mdl? can you explain that- this is the first i have heard about this… i would have a very hard time finding any pharmacy within a 500 mile radius to compound mdl for me- what's the deal?

  9. Holy cow Jen, that is some story! You really did get the triple whammy there girl. I am so thankful that none of those terrible scares are actually preventing you from moving forward – THAT would suck. But I guess it will be safer from now on not to talk about cycles going smoothly! Deep breath, ER is just a couple weeks away!

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