Are we crazy?

I love, love, love dogs…like more than people. And, no, I am not exaggerating.

We have two little miniature dachshunds who we love more than we could ever express.

We decided a long time ago, however, that two dogs were more than enough. They keep us very busy and as much as we would love more, two is enough. I should mention that we often look after my mom’s dog as well, so at times we have three dogs.

Well…by fate or chance or whatever you want to believe, I stumbled across a dog at our local shelter a couple of days ago and I am IN LOVE. 

His name is Roscoe, and he is another miniature dachshund. He has not had a good life so far. The a$$es who owned him before abandoned him – can you imagine? Leaving a poor, defenseless animal alone to fend for himself – how could someone do that? There is no excuse. If they couldn’t keep him they could have surrendered him to the Humane Society. Ugg…. some people.

Anywhoo…we don’t want three dogs but I feel like this dog needs us. I feel like we could make the rest of his life happy and he deserves that. Poor dude. 

Are we insane? Is having three dogs ridiculous?


Look at that face?


10 thoughts on “Are we crazy?

  1. Jen, we have two da hs toooooo! And my Blackjack looks just like this little guy! They are our world and we spend way too much money on them. I worry about how much attention they will not get when we have kids. Anyway my DH wants a third one but I think it's to fill the void of not having a family. I keep telling him that it is not a good idea because we will have kids and then feel guilty, plus it's nice to have just two, one for each of us. A third might make us feel guilty too, like we are taking away time from one of the other two, oooooo but how I love mini dachas! My MIL has one also and we watch him too! Too funny with the similarities.

  2. Aw Jen, I know how you feel… Our dogs are EVERYTHING to us I don't know if I could leave him at the shelter either!! Just do it, it's not crazy he deserves great parents like you guys!

  3. I LOVE mini dachs. They are one of my favorite. My friend has one and he and I make out all night when I'm there. Keep him. He's the sweetest and deserves a great life with you guys.

  4. Noooo!! It's not ridiculous! He is adorable! So glad he is with you guys! I love it. Made my day. I would have 3 dogs too if I could, we are not allowed to have dogs in our apartment but our little chi is technically my boss's dog, not ours, I just bring him home from work 6 days a week and whenever we get caught with him I tell him we are babysitting 🙂 We are planning on moving soon and we want to adopt too. So happy you are giving this little cuttie a nice loving home!

  5. WHat a cutie – I grew up with a miniature dachshund named Dolly. The only thing I would make sure about is how Roscoe is around kids. I know Dolly did particularly care for children. Good luck!

  6. Oh how cute! We have our eye on a dog in a shelter in AL. She's been there since last Summer. My Ps offered to drive down and get her since I had just had back surgery, but the shelter wouldn't allow it since they wouldn't be the true owners. I keep checking on her though. I say go with your heart and get the book that ks mentioned. I've never been the pack leader (lol), but I imagine that would be a good thing with three!

  7. 3 definitely is different from 2, let me tell you!! It's not crazy or ridiculous, but you definitely have to designate yourselves as the pack leader! If you don't you end up with behavioral issues and fights. It took us awhile to figure it out, but I love my 3 muskateers! They are their own family! I would recommend a book by Ceasar though called Be the Pack Leader, it's actually a really good read packed with useful tips! Good luck!

  8. Awwww…that's a hard face to say no to! No, you aren't crazy, just big hearted. Will totally understand if you decide not to bring a 3rd dog into the house, but if you go, he'll be one lucky guy!

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