IVF #4

IVF #4…I can’t believe I’m writing those words. It’s been a whirlwind few days. 

Well…here we go…again!

I knew we were doing another retrieval but just hadn’t realized it would come up so quickly. I’m nervous, but there is no point putting it off any longer. All that will accomplish is older eggies as every month goes by.

So I started BCP Saturday and if everything goes as planned, my retrieval should be somewhere around the second week of February.

I have a few ducks to get in a row next week so hopefully it all works out but I’m going to try and not stress about it. What will be, will be.

In terms of my meds, I’m lucky in that I have a ton of refills left at the pharmacy from my last cycle so I don’t have to deal with getting my GP here to co-write a bunch of scripts – that was kind of a headache last year. 

The only med that has proven to be a problem so far is the MDL (Micro-Dose Lupron). Last year I got it directly from To.dd’s in Denver as he makes it there but apparently he won’t ship across the border anymore (must have run into some problems). So basically my nurse said I would have to find someone here to make it. I spoke with my old pharmacy from my previous IVF clinic to see if they could make it as they specialize in fertility meds but he said he couldn’t do it. I guess because it’s an injectable and needs to be made, a special piece of equipment is needed to create a sterile environment for mixing. Long story short, I finally found a pharmacy yesterday afternoon that said they could do it so now I just have to get them a script so I’ll try and get into my GP this week.

The other hiccup so far is that our infectious disease tests have expired so we will need to have those redone before they will let me start stims. They have to have the results before January 26th and they have to be run at CC.RM, so I guess I will need to get a shipping kit sent to me ASAP and then get the blood drawn here and shipped overnight. Hopefully this all works out. 

And in the midst of all of this I am planning a last minute 40th birthday party for one of my oldest and dearest friends. It’s been a bit of a gong show, but I’m sure it will all work out.

Serenity now!


14 thoughts on “IVF #4

  1. Happy New Year, Jen! Your new look is great! I just want to wish you luck on you upcoming cycle. I know how it is face yet another cycle, but I'm praying that this one will THE ONE! Hang in there!

  2. Hey kudos on finding a pharmacy! Here? What? Good for you. The stress never ends. I had a compounding pharmacy in mind here for you, but good you found one. Mid Feb….that's exciting. Hope this one delivers the goods….and here's to the next time we meet at Starbucks with good news from you!!

  3. Wow, I hadn't heard that about the lupron. Glad you finally found a pharmacy to help you out. I feel the same way about old eggies. Might as well move forward and hope it's a good month for eggs! Hope this is a great cycle for you!

  4. I had to redo the tests too for my FET, but they let me do it right before the transfer. You have already had it before so I don't know why they can't do it right before the ER. These next few weeks will go fast and you will be in Denver before you know it! Can't wait to follow you along! I am so hoping you get the rest of your family with this cycle!

  5. oh wow, this are picking up quickly for you! I can relate to how you feel — about IVF#4 as we are in the midst of it. I would have NEVER thought we would have taken baby making THIS far… but I pray every day that this is IT. This is the magic cycle. So far so good and I hope its your turn as well! Have fun with the party planning!

  6. Wow!! Jen, I am exhausted just reading all of this! You are handling this all soo sooo well. Good on you to bite the bullet and do another cycle so quickly. I can only pray that this will all pay off for you. You're doing your best, you're with the best…here's hoping. Take care…

  7. I ran into the same problem with those test, had to redo them for my last cycle, it's a hassle I know, I'm wondering if they'll make me do another mammogram before this transfer, hmmm. Anyway, I'm so happy you got this ball rolling, but very sad I will miss you by a week in Denver :-(!! You will probably get to see newbie there, that would be cool! Good luck with the party! It's great you are keeping yourself busy with other stuff, it helps for sure.Oh! Love the new blog look!! New cycle, new look! I may have to change mine again for this transfer 🙂

  8. That's one annoying thing about CCRM. The FDA only requires the tests be at an FDA approved lab; they don't technically *have* to be done there. That's just their rule. I suppose they have so many OOT patients they would lose a lot of money if we all did our labs elsewhere. But still.

  9. Oh wow, it's finally here! I'm so happy for you, feel like you've been in waiting mode for a long time. Glad to hear you go through the lupron hurdle – that must've been pain in the butt. And you are reminding me that I probably need to get my PAP test redone, because that will expire soon. Their rules are rather annoying, but what can you do? Keep us posted! If all goes to plan, you will be doing a retrieval right around when I am doing FET. Hope it goes well for both of us…I want this to be our year, Jen.

  10. I can't believe getting lupron is so problematic – glad you figured it out. And I think CCRM's infectious disease testing is too stringent. I guess they have guidelines they have to follow, but still it's a pain. Why do they have to be run at CCRM? I'm sure it will all work out. That's nice of you to plan a birthday party with everything you have going on! Looking forward to following your cycle.

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