I had my six-week post-op appointment Thursday with my OB. Nothing earth-shattering. He said that the tube had a significant hydrosalpinx and the fimbriae were completely sealed together so it was indeed useless and was probably causing some problems. Had to go. Good to know.

He said everything else in there looked good. No signs of endo (I thought he said there were some minor lesions when I spoke with him after the surgery but I think now what he said was ‘adhesions’ – as in scar tissue on that tube – and not endometreosis lesions). Oh and he said that the other tube looked great – no abnormalities, although he tried to get dye through it three times but it wouldn’t pass. So it is likely blocked but no hydro so best to leave in place.

That was pretty much it. He said my incisions had healed well and was happy that AF had returned right on schedule – I guess sometimes your cycles can be a bit wonky after a lap but nope – she’s baaaacccckkkk.

That’s about it ladies. Just going to submit my estimate for my next cycle to my employer’s insurance next week to see if they will cover some of the costs of my next cycle since I now have documented bilateral tubal blockage (this is the ONLY instance that they will consider coverage) so I’m hoping we get a bit of help with this next cycle – that would be amazing. Oh, and by the way, if any of you CC.RM’ers ever need help from the business office, Tarin is fantastic – super helpful!

And…last, but certainly not least, a huge congrats to IVFlygirl who delivered her twinks yesterday afternoon – YAY!!


8 thoughts on “Follow-Up

  1. Glad to hear your recovery is on track. That would be awesome if your insurance would help out with the costs! I'm afraid to find out what our total bill out there will be 😮

  2. Some coverage would be awesome Jen, specially with the amount of money we have already spent! I definitely need help in the financial department at CCRM, have tons of questions, I'll ask for Tarin next time, thanks for the tip. I am hoping the removal of your tube and my endo will make all the difference for us. Fingers crossed my friend!

  3. Glad you hear you are recovering well, with no surprises. I really hope you get coverage for your next cycle – how great would that be? Looking forward to when you can finally start your next cycle!

  4. Jen – that's great you don't have any endo and I guess if you could have a problem blocked tubes would be the best scenario as far as insurance coverage and also means your uterus is in good shape. I really hope you can get coverage. Good luck!

  5. Hi there. All good news. So glad that's behind you and well on your way forward. and too awesome about your insurance…..nice! And what a coinkidink that you have the 'right' case for coverage! Hey I have a few things for your ER and FET! We have to get together!

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