What’s going on?

Not too much at the moment on the IF front. Still waiting for my six-week post-op appointment with the surgeon to discuss my laparoscopy results – the appointment is scheduled for November 10th.

After that, our plans were to immediately do another retrieval, however, we’ve had a bit of a road block thrown at us. It’s actually a very interesting story.

Last year my boss’s son was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, severe aplastic anemia. It was very serious and he ended up having to have a bone marrow transplant. His two brothers were tested but, unfortunately, weren’t a match and so a donor was found through the One Match stem cell and bone marrow network. Before this, I was aware of the program as K has been registered as a potential donor for more than 10 years as he has a good friend who has had several transplants over the years through her battle with leukemia. Although I had never really given it a second thought, the situation with my boss’s son hit home and made me realize how important it was to register. After all, this process saved this little boy’s life and so I too registered last year.

Well…interestingly enough, last Friday K received a call from One Match advising him that he has been short-listed as a potential donor for a recipient in need. The nurse immediately sent him a ton of information and he went Thursday for additional testing to determine how close of a match he is to this particular recipient. Now, we wait to hear if he has been selected as the donor. They advised him that this could take as long as two months but could also be sooner.

So…we wait. K checked with Dr. M to see if this would have any bearing on our next cycle and she advised that it was fine for him to proceed but that he needed to wait a month between donation and our retrieval. Because he could be called at any time during the next two months, we really can’t proceed with a retrieval at this point. If we chanced it and he was called, we may have to abandon our cycle and it’s just too expensive to risk this. The alternative would be not to go through with the donation but that is simply not an option – how could you back out of something that could potentially save someone’s life? You can’t. 

I know we could just go ahead with transferring our one normal in the meantime (well after two months of Depot Lupron treatment for my lacking Beta-3 integrin) but we just feel like we want to stick with our original plan and do another retrieval first. And so we wait. And that’s OK. If this isn’t a good reason to wait, I’m not sure what is. There has to be a reason all of this is happening, right?

Oh – and if you haven’t registered for One Match, seriously…think about it.


10 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. Yup. Now I'm convinced. This journey for you to have a child is definitely being guided. And this time, to save a life and how awesome is that. Congratulations on being someones's saviors. Like Lisa said….he's hoping your good deed will save a life, and make a life. All the best for your preparation for that and your next ER.

  2. I agree with everyone else. What an amazing reason to wait a few months. What an inspiration your posts is to all of us and it definitely makes me think of what I can do to help others. Thanks for sharing. It does sound like you have a great plan for what is up next for you.

  3. Are you and K angels on earth? I think so! To make the sacrifice to put someone else's dire needs in front of your own! I am so touched by your generosity and selflessness. Thank you Jen and K!

  4. Wow!!! I agree…wait it out and stick with your original plan. This story is a story of sacrifice on sooooo many levels. Here's hoping karma will repay you greatly!!

  5. Wow, this is really amazing that you and your husband are doing this, especially with everything you have going on. It's got to be good karma! I hope that the next few months fly by for you.

  6. Jen, I am so impressed with you and your husband – that is an amazing gift you are giving to someone, particularly in light of the fact that is is delaying your own dreams a little. I hope this means good karma for you and success for your next cycle. You certainly deserve it.

  7. what a wonderful gift K may get to make! i applaud you both for registering – it really is a way to save lives and do something so meaningful. the bone marrow registry is super close to my heart as a lymphoma survivor. sorry it's mucking up your cycle, tho : (

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