Question for my CC.RM girls

Hey ladies,

Quick question. Has anyone ever inquired about getting a detailed receipt from CC.RM for an IVF cycle with CCS?

I’ve been having some trouble. I found that I received really specific receipts for the procedures done during my ODWU but when I tried to get one for my actual cycle, what they provided was not helpful. 

At first they sent me the generic price list (not a receipt but the generic list which outlines the various costs associated with a cycle) and then when I said that I needed an actual receipt showing what I paid and what it was for, they sent me this document that was pages and pages of codes that appears to be some sort of print out of their internal accounting system (there are confusing codes and the expenses are really difficult to figure out).

Not sure why it’s so hard just to get a simple receipt that states this is what I paid and this is what it was for. Anyone else encounter this or have any advice?

Thanks everyone. Oh – and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


6 thoughts on “Question for my CC.RM girls

  1. I think Nikki's right. When I was in the transfer room I had brought a valium with me from my terminated IVF cycle and told them they didn't need to give me a valium bc I had one (why pay for something I don't need). They said that the valium was included in the price we already paid for the transfer so I wouldn't be saving any $$ by taking my own. So my impression is they charge one price for the whole sha-bang which makes it tough to itemize.

  2. I encountered the same issue when I requested an itemized list for last year's taxes. I put the information into an Excel spreadsheet and that made it a little better. I think part of the problem is that the cycle is basically one set amount – no matter how long you stim and how many appointments you have. I used my credit card bills to reconcile it too. Good luck!

  3. Hi there – I got the statement type thing and will collate that with my credit card statement for taxes…good luck. Just call the business office again – hopefully they can scale that document down for you. good luck. iveta

  4. Huh – obviously can't be helpful since I haven't cycled there yet, but that is annoying. I am surprised that would be an issue for them too. I hope you get what you need soon. And Happy Thanksgiving to you…it's one of my favorite holidays!

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