Quick Update

Just thought I’d post a quick update. Sorry, I was going to last night but we didn’t get home until after 7 and by that time I was just zonked.

Well…I am one tube down – all and all not too bad. Dr. K said that just as my original 2008 HSG indicated, my left tube was fluid filled with a hydrosalpinx. The right tube looked good, although when he tried to get dye through it, it didn’t spill. So he removed the left tube and left the right one in. He said that even if the right tube was blocked (which it appeared to be), there was no severe damage and no hydro on that side so he left it. 

As far as endometreosis, he said that he did find a few minor lesions but very, very minor and so he left it. And there was no sign of the paraovarian cyst found during my ultrasounds in Denver. 

Other than that, he said everything looked completely normal.

So…how am I feeling? Well, I’m relieved to know that there is a tangible reason that it’s been so difficult for me to get pregnant. I was one tube down for sure and the other, which was obviously open at one point as I got pregnant on my own in 2009, is not totally reliable as it now appears to be blocked.

So while I feel some relief to know that there is a reason, I’m also slightly pissed off. This hydro was indicated in 2008 and since that time I’ve had 2.5 fresh IVF cycles and 2 FETs, and while I’m sure not all of those embies would have made it (they very well could have had chromosomal abnormalities), I can’t help but think now that my toxic fluid may have killed at least a couple (and possibly played a role in my miscarrriage). Bummer.

So that’s the scoop ladies. I’m feeling pretty beat up today but all in all, am doing OK. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and thoughts – it means the world to me.

Hope everyone’s doing well and hope newbie‘s ODWU went well!


10 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I can only imagine the mixed emotions you must have about all this. But I am so happy for you that you've gotten some answers and can now move forward toward your goal.

  2. I would be upset too…I had a uterine polyp for IVFs 1 & 2 that my doc knew about and "thought" he had removed, according to my records. Careless! But, we have to move forward… Hope you are feeling better soon and it's smooth sailing from here!

  3. I'm so glad you got some answers. Can totally see why you'd be a bit pissed, but at least now you're clear to go forward. Things are looking up!Thanks so much for the shout out – I am about to go post on ODWU right now, but wanted to check in on you first.Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. Sounds like you got fixed up and the doc did not have to do any major work on your uterus, so the healing process should be faster. I really hope that this takes care of the problem and you are on your way to a healthy pregnancy! Will you do a FET with your remaining normal blast or will you do another retrieval? Hope you have a quick recovery.

  5. I am so glad this is behind you. So sucks you had to go through all that IVF to get here. Good thing you went to Denver, because who knows what else you would have tried before finally getting rid of your road block. Hopefully it's all polished up and ready to go for a full blown FET in Denver. Rest up and look forward. Next Step? Another retrieval?

  6. Welcome to the one tube club!It's not so bad after all. Although I swear I was having cramps on my right side. They do say sometimes you have ghostly like cramps. Oh so much ot look forward too!I'm totally excited for you!And jealous you got WAY more information then I did when I woke up. But our doctor had 4 more surgeries to blast through, maybe thats why? I dunno??I'm so happy you are doing good!Dont forget to cough!!! And walk around!Get the gas out!HUGS!

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