T’was the night before…

Lap is tomorrow ladies! Wish me luck. I’m waivering between excitement and pure terror – not the most stable mindset at the moment!

I’m very much looking forward to hearing what the heck is up with my bits and also terrified at the same time of coming out with less than I went in with!

Oh well…what will be will be.

I’ll try and update tomorrow evening if I’m up to it (or maybe Friday).


12 thoughts on “T’was the night before…

  1. Will be thinking of you! A drastic step but a much needed one towards motherhood! You will do just great. Don't be scared….think about what this will mean for you! Please let us know asap!

  2. Good luck, Jen! It'll be over before you know it! I've actually done better with laparoscopic procedures than with egg retrievals, so you never know! Hang in there!

  3. Good luck with your lap tomorrow. It's a big step in the right direction.When I was worrying about mine, I thought of this, which helped:Just remember that whatever is wrong with you has already happened – you will only just find out about it after surgery (hopefully).Take care

  4. Jen – Best of luck with everything. I'm sure not the world's most pleasant experience, but it will be a relief to get it over with and get some answers. I'll be thinking of you – out here in CO for my ODWU tomorrow, so wish me luck too!

  5. I am so excited for this lap for you! You HAVE to update us tomorrow, I will be dying to know!!! I wish you all the best, even though we don't want anything wrong, I do hope they find something that is the answer to those failed cycles and gives us great hope for the upcoming one! GL my friend!

  6. YAY! Do you have to do the "flushing" of your insides today?OWIES! I swaer that was the worst part for me.Also if they give you antibiotics ask if they will cause a yeast infection, vaginally and orally. I learned the hard way.YUCK!And cough like every hour or so, it helps with the gas removal.And walk around, nothing intense but move around for sure! I'll totally be thinking of you and wishing you happy thoughts all day tomorrow!Dont forget they have to remove what isn't serving a purpose! It's all for a good cause. :)HUGS!!

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