Lap is BOOKED!

Wowsers! Was NOT expecting that call this morning!

The surgical care coordinator called about a half an hour ago and they had a cancellation next week so I’m booked for my laparoscopy for Thursday, September 29th!

All that worry yesterday for nothing…isn’t that how it always goes though. 

I guess Dr. K’s persuasion skills were better than he thought.

Onward and upward – excited to find out what the heck is going on in there.


14 thoughts on “Lap is BOOKED!

  1. Good luck with the lap surgery!Hope you get some answers, or can at least rule some things out.So I just had mine a month ago. I wasn't supposed to have it until November/December, but then I got a call that there was a cancellation so I got in early too!Take Care

  2. Whoo hoooo! That is fantastic, it's so nice to be surprised on the upside for once! Isn't it funny how infertility makes you excited to go to the doctor to get poked, prodded and anesthetized? I never thought I'd see the day.Incidentally, I just got my ODWU appointment at CCRM for Thursday Sept 29th! So I'll be thinking of you as I'm there….

  3. I totally tried commenting on your post yesterday like 4 million times!!!All I got were error messages! UGH!I'm so happy to be commenting today!You were in my thoughts and prayers last night!And look at 'cha now! HOLY MOLEY!I'm so happy for you! Beyond happy!Take that and shove it Canadian Healthcare System! (I feel your pain!)And remember whatever will be…will be!HUGS!!!

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