Update from this morning

So I spoke with Dr. K just before lunch. Not great news. He spoke with OR booking this morning and the earliest they will give him for a surgery date for me is January. He was really disappointed. He said that the call with the coordinator actually got quite confrontational as he tried to explain the urgency, but they wouldn’t budge. 

Stupid public health care! Sorry – I know we’re lucky to have publicly funded healthcare in Canada and I AM grateful for it but, as I’ve said before, there are some major drawbacks – and wait times are one of them. Uggg!

So…now I have to figure out what to do. Dr. K figured it wouldn’t be any later than January, so maybe I’ll do another retrieval in the meantime? We had pretty much decided we were going to do another one anyhow…just to try and bank another normal or two, so now is probably as good a time as any, right?

I think I’ll set up a call with Dr. M to see what she thinks. I have some questions for her anyways and I’ll feel better making the decision after hearing what she has to say. Part of me thinks I should just get her to do the lap but it’s another $5000-$10,000. I just can’t justify that with all of the other expenses when I can get it done here for free.

The other thing that occurred to me is maybe checking with my former RE to see if she could do the lap any quicker (she’s only 2.5 hours away but it’s a different health region so wait times may be different). The only thing that makes me nervous with that is that I haven’t gotten the feeling that she totally buys into this whole tubal issue. When I’ve spoken to her about it in the past, I just don’t get the vibe that she’s on the same page as Dr. M and that makes me nervous about her doing a lap for some reason? Does this sound irrational?


4 thoughts on “Update from this morning

  1. I think doing another cycle sounds like a great idea. You can't beat free procedure especially when you are doing another cycle at CCRM. I hope you can get in sooner but these months are flying by. I will be January before you know it. Plus, by doing another cycle you will have something to keep you busy until then. Good Luck!

  2. It's Iveta. I would have a hard time going under the knife of someone who is hesitant too. But speak to up north anyways. It never hurts. I like your plan of doing another retrieval. Are you going to lobby for a different protocol? She seems to be good about altering protocols based on past experience. She would have alterened mine had we gone back. Also, google around for another alternative place to do the lap in Canada that may be faster, or charge $$ but not as much as here. But if you are doing another retrieval, January is pretty good timing. By the time you talk to her, stim, get down there, get your results, ect, that will take two to three monts. So not so bad. I know time is a factor, but once our eggs are out, time is less of an issue. Your uterus could be 50 – it's all about the eggs. so much pressure! 😉 good luck with your decisions, I'm so glad to see things coming along.

  3. Canuck here too…I had to wait 4 months for my surgery to remove my tubes (hydro) and that was a rush as they originally forgot (lost) my paperwork with the specialist! I ended up using a RE in Mississauga at ISIS fertility. Good luck I hope they can get you in sooner! See if you can call the scheduling nurse and be put on a cancellation list.

  4. I think cycling again right now is an amazing idea. As you know, I had the choice of doing the laparoscopy before or after this upcoming IVF and I chose to do it after. I thought it would be a good idea to transfer right after you got everything fixed as opposed to giving it time to get messed up again (this is just me being paranoid). I'm curious to see what Dr. M has to say. The other thing is that our eggs are not getting any younger, so the sooner the better. That's just my two cents. This could be a blessing in disguise.Oh! And if you don't have a good feeling about that RE then it's better to wait for the other one so you can have that peace of mind that they were really looking into it carefully. I'm so excited you've decided to cycle again. Yay!!

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