Last night I decided to spruce things up a bit and change the door hardware on our interior doors. K is out of town for the week so it’s just me and the puppies. 

I was working on the main floor bathroom door. All was going great until I realized that I needed a different tool from the kitchen. I was in the bathroom and had closed the door to see if the latch met the strike plate but then I realized…the handles weren’t on. I had no way of retracting the latch to open the door. 

Umm…now what. I tried several times to use the screwdriver to pull the latch in – didn’t work. I tried taking the door off its hinges – nope. What the HELL was I going to do!

I sat there for a few minutes, fought through several waves of panic and crazy, irrational claustrophobia fears and then decided the only way out was the window. The window is tall and narrow and leads to our mudroom, not outside. The biggest problem with this plan was that the window only opens vertically about 12 inches (on an angle) and there is all of this hardware in the way. There were also these stupid shelves immediately adjacent to the outside of the window, piled high with cleaning and laundry supplies. I feverishly started throwing stuff off the shelves and then I hopped up on the window frame and did my best contortionist impression to squeeze myself out and on to the dryer. There were a couple of times I thought it wasn’t going to work – I couldn’t get myself in the right position to get on to the dryer but after much bending and squeezing, I finally made it.

I ran into the family room to check on my pups and they just looked at me, yawned and went back to sleep – glad you guys were worried – ha!

Ahh good times! I guess this is why you shouldn’t really do this stuff when you’re alone. What if I wouldn’t have had that window? How would I have gotten out? How long would it have taken for someone to come and look for me – probably awhile! Oh boy.

Anywhoo…on another note. I saw my OBGYN Friday as a follow up to our first meeting a month ago. The first thing he said to me was, “Have you received a phone call from surgical booking yet?” “Ummm…no.” I then explained to him how I had called the surgical care coordinator twice and that she had told me she had not yet received my referral and had advised me to check with his office, so I had called 10 days earlier but his assistant told me that it had not yet been done and that it took time (I didn’t bother to mention how rude and dismissive she had been). He was very surprised and said that the referral should have been faxed weeks ago so he started looking back through my file. When he found the referral, I could see that it was date stamped for the day AFTER I had called his assistant – she faxed it once I had called to check on it. He’s a very soft-spoken, kind man but I could tell he was agitated/concerned, so he excused himself for several minutes and then came back and apologized. He said he wasn’t sure what had happened but that this should have been done several weeks ago. I told him it was OK and that I appreciated his help. He then left again to call the surgical coordinator himself but because it was 4:15 on a Friday, he wasn’t able to reach her. He said he would call first thing Monday and see what he could do to get this moving. He said he couldn’t promise how quickly it would happen but that he would do his best to get me a time frame. He then did something no other doctor has ever done – he gave me his cell number and told me to call him directly before noon Monday and that he would let me know where things were at. I couldn’t believe it. So far, very impressed with him. His assistant, on the other hand, not so impressed with. Why do these people have such God complexes – geez….you’re in health care – would a little empathy kill you?

Anyhow…will update later once I’ve spoken to Dr. K.


4 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. Good news on the process being a little more cleared up. I sure hope you get a spot soon. The escape out the window was a telling symbol of your IF experience. Just when you thought it was hopeless, another door (or window) opened and you made it. It's a sign! iveta

  2. Jen – that is scary! Thank god for the window and your contortionist skills! That's good that your doctor is on your side, but he needs a new surgical coordinator. I know you must be so ready to have a surgery date.

  3. I am glad you were able to get out of the bathroom, too funny. I am sure it wasn't funny at the time but it's a good story. What an awesome Dr. you have. He sounds really genuine and caring. Sorry they didn't send referral, how frustrating.

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