I wish

…I knew nothing about IF and instead could live my life in a state of blissful ignorance with zero awareness about the measures that some couples have to go through to conceive…but alas that was not in the cards for me.

Today at the dentist, I was surprised when a new hygienist came in to do my cleaning – I’ve had the same hygienist for the past 10 years. The new hygienist was nice enough but one of the first things she said to me was, “Well, I guess we’ll do some x-rays. It looks like it’s been a couple of years since your last ones.” I misunderstood and said, “No, I’ve been in since then,” thinking she meant for a cleaning and check-up. And she said, “But we haven’t done x-rays because the last time you were due for them you were pregnant.” “Oh,” I said. 


After she took the x-rays and was busy scraping away she followed up with, “So, did you have a boy or a girl?” I almost choked but somehow managed to utter “Umm…I didn’t.” I could see she was puzzled at first, but then the light bulb went on and she sheepishly apologized. I told her it was OK and the subject (thank GOD) was quickly changed.

Ahhh…to live in a world where everyone who gets pregnant has a baby and lives happily ever after…sigh.

Oh and when my dentist finally came in I found out that my regular hygienist had retired due to health issues. I pressed him a little and he told me that she had cancer and it wasn’t looking too good for her. So sad. Life is not fair.

P.S. I thought about tagging this post with the label ‘stupid things fertiles say,’ but then I realized it’s not their fault – they’re just the lucky ones that get to live their lives in that envious state of ignorant bliss.


7 thoughts on “I wish

  1. Hi there, just tuning into your blog. Wow, it really seems like you've been through a lot! I have just started my own blog (Infertility in the City in case you're interested) after a couple of years of failed treatments (including two IVFs) and am hoping to get into C.CRM as well. So your blog is of great interest to me – I really hope you have success with your transfer, it seems like you are at least getting to the bottom of some of the issues you've had in the past. Best of luck, I will be following you!

  2. Yikes!I'm so sorry people can be so senseless! The dentist seems to be notorious for that kind of stuff! UGH!But soon I just know you'll be sitting on the other side of the IF rainbow with a little one in arms! You are in my prayers and thoughts!I can not wait for your appointmnt on Friday – gettin' some answers!! Wooooo-hooooo!HUGS!

  3. Ouch…I once had a co-worker (different dept though) ask how "my little guy was doing". This was two YEARS after my first m/c. He was so apologetic then immediately confided in me that he and his wife went through years of IF and adopted later on. But yeah…sorry for the painful reminder. LisainSK

  4. Sorry you were caught off guard. I had the same thing happen at my dentist office. My hygienist was kind about it and shared her IF story – she got pregnant naturally after the dye used in the hysterosalpingogram cleared her blocked tubes! At least she tried to relate, I guess! That's really sad about your regular hygienist. Life is definitely not about fairness…

  5. I know. Totally sucks. We all here you. Sorry you had to refer to your pg loss. Terrible. just keep thinking….it's all a test. I keep hoping and praying your time will come soon!!

  6. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. It's so hard dealing with IF. I think sometimes people think it's just the meds and the procedures, but it's way more than that…I try to just chalk up those types of comments to ignorance.

  7. I know, they really don't know what to say. My friend recently asked me what to tell her other good friend that struggles with TTC, they just have no idea and I would probably be the same way if I wouldn't be going through it myself. I remember telling my sister years ago to just adopt. She did end up adopting, but now, if someone tells me to adopt I cry for days!

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