Update…New OBGYN

Wow…it’s been awhile since I posted! I just haven’t had a lot going on the past few weeks.

I had the appointment today with my new OBGYN to talk about doing a laparoscopy before my next transfer.

The appointment went really well. The new doc is super nice and surprisingly informed and knowledgeable about my situation. I explained to him where we were at and that Dr. M wants me to have a laparoscopy before transfer to try and figure out if I do or do not have a hydrosalpinx.

He totally understood the importance of figuring this out and how it could impact an IVF cycle – this made me happy!

He also understood that time was of the essence and that I need to get this done ASAP – his words, not mine (I don’t know why, but I thought I was going to have to persuade him of this – glad I didn’t).

So, he explained what would happen – that if my tubes were blocked with a hydro and/or badly scarred or deformed that he would remove one or both. I’m gonna be honest, this scares the crap out of me! I know, I know…they are obviously not doing me any good but the thought of losing them is still tough for some reason.

Anywhoo…he said that he would only remove them if he thought it was best, but that he wouldn’t know until he got a look at what’s going on in there – fair enough.

He said he is going to try his best to get me in as soon as possible, although he said he didn’t have a ton of say over OR time but that he will make sure that he explains the situation to the OR booking people, and he said he may also try and sell it as ‘research’ (not sure what that means) to see if that bumps me up at all. I signed all of the consents for surgery today and so now we wait…again!

As much as I don’t want to go through this, I honestly believe it’s for the best given my history and the fact that no one seems to have a clue what’s going on in there! Maybe we’ll at least have some sort of explanation and who knows…it may even help!  


12 thoughts on “Update…New OBGYN

  1. I'm so glad you didn't have to fight for the lap. Hopefully things start moving quickly for you. Thanks so much for leaving such kind words on my blog. I pray that things start to look up for us soon.

  2. That's so great that you have an ob/gyn that gets some of this IF stuff! I have been repeatedly surprised by ob/gyns who have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to cycling. I can understand not wanting your tubes removed. I think a lot of us are always holding out a tiny bit of hope for a spontaneous pregnancy. Even though my case looks bleak, I know that is always my not so secret wish. But it sounds like this surgery could help you, so I'll be hoping that you get an excellent result.

  3. I'd definitely be scared, too, but it seems like you've got a really good doctor who really knows what he's doing. I hope that you can get some answers from this and it'll get you ready for the next steps.

  4. I'm so glad this doc seems to understand your situation and to work with you to figure out what's best for your situation. I imagine it's scary to think about losing your tubes but you sound like you have a good attitude about it. In the end it'll be great to find out what's going on and what can be done to get you your baby!

  5. Isnt is sooooo nice to have a great doctor on your side? I am soo glad you've got a doc on your side that really understands the importance of this laparoscopy. Good luck!

  6. So glad they are finally going to look under the hood. And this doc sounds great. You'll have to let me know who it is. Happy to see you truckin forward. Hope you don't lose both your tubes…..even just because. I get that.

  7. YAY!!!!!Now we have to find out when you'll be scheduled for surgery, it would be great if we were scheduled around the same time. We could be surgery buddies! LOL!I'm so freakin' happy that you got answers and that you found a doctor that is willing to move forward.As for losing a tube, I'm with yah sista! I'm with yah! I hope and pray I don't have to lose mine, but what will be..will be.sending you TONS of hugs!

  8. I am glad to hear things are moving forward for you and that your new OB-gyn was proactive. I hope you don't have to lose your tubes, but if it would help your chances of conceiving with IVF it would be worth it!

  9. I know exactly how you feel! I wasn't thrilled of the idea of losing my tubes or having them tied, for that matter. But as you said, they are obviously not doing you any good and it will be such a reassurance to know what's going on in there! I am so glad I had mine done. I am so glad this doctor is on board with moving along quickly! Good luck!

  10. I can imagine how you feel about losing your tubes, I would feel the same way, about losing anything for that matter. But we already know we can't get pregnant on our own, and that may be one of the big causes why IVF hasn't worked so far, as you of course know. Hang in there Jen. You are moving forward and maybe there is no need to remove them, at least not both of them. I am glad the OBGYN was nice and so accommodating, it seems like you might have found a keeper 🙂

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