Beyond Excited!!!

For my good friend who just got her BFP from a CC.RM FET of one 5BB CCS normal blast!!!

This means so much to me as she is one of two main reasons I ended up at CC.RM (the other being Lisa from FOUND: One Good Embryo) and she has been an enormous…huge…gigantic support to me through my CC.RM journey. She lives in the same small Canadian city as me and has felt like a lifeline through all of this.

Wow…beyond words happy for her!

P.S. Not sure if she has posted her results on her own public blog and don’t want to ruin it for her, so that’s why no link or name. 

If you’re reading, you know who you are! Congrats!


3 thoughts on “Beyond Excited!!!

  1. I know…its soooo awesome! We got pg on an eSET soo…it only takes one! I know that you've got your one embie on ice now and can't wait until its time for your transfer. Take care.

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