New OBGYN Appointment

I called the new OB/GYN today to see if he had received the referral from my current OB (Dr. M wants me to have a laparoscopy before transfer to see what’s happening with my tubes and my current OB doesn’t do laparoscopies so she had to refer me to a colleague).

The good news is my appointment with the new OB is scheduled for August 19th (thought I’d have to wait longer). Next, we’ll see how long it’s going to take to get the procedure scheduled – I’m a bit nervous about that (surgical wait lists are LONG up here in the Great White North).

Everything else is kind of on hold until we figure out the laparoscopy. We haven’t yet decided if we’ll go ahead and transfer our one CCS normal or do another retrieval and try and get one or more normals to work with. So everything’s up in the air until the 19th.


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