Regroup – My head is swimming

Well we talked to Dr. M for about 45 mins this morning. Here’s the long and short of it.

All 14 of our fetilized embryos made it to Day 3 – 12 of which looked excellent at that point.

Eight of those made it to blasts on Day 5. Two were Grade 1 blasts (too early to be biopsied) and two were poor quality. And so, we had our four that made it and were biopsied. As you know, after CCS, three of those were abnormal and we are left with our one and only.

This tells us a couple of things. It demonstrates how useless a Day 3 transfer would be in my case – most of our embryos looked excellent on Day 3, yet we ended up with one normal embryo after CCS – the apparent excellent quality on Day 3 was completely deceiving. It also tells us that we had a high number of genetically abnormal embryos, which Dr. M said can be partially attributed to my age and partially due to infertility (she said that women who have struggled with infertility have a higher than normal percentage of abnormal eggs). She also said that stress plays a part in all of this – who me, stressed? Go figure!

I asked her if I was overstimmulated and could that have impacted the egg quality. She said that this can happen but she doesn’t believe so in my case. She said that when this happens, E2 levels rise very, very fast. Mine, although high, rose nice and steady. She said that if we choose to do another cycle, we will use the same protocol.

I also asked her about my tube issues. She said that I need to have a laparoscopy before  transfer as the HSG’s are inconclusive so I’m currently exploring avenues for getting this done here at home. Not sure how successful this will be but we’ll see.

I asked her about the paraovarian cyst that was notated on my ultrasounds. She said that it’s nothing to be concerned about. It was something I was born with – a remnant from the development of the ovary (apparently it’s common).

I also asked about the abnormal lining that the one ultrasound tech noted. She looked back at the notes and said that there was nothing to be concerned with. This has never been detected before and apparently this particular tech “overcomments”.

Oh and I asked how important the fact that I’m lacking the Beta-3 integrin was. She said very. She said that while implantation can occur in women lacking the protein, it reduces the implantation rate by 15%.

I flat out asked if she thought that we need to look at donor eggs at this point and she said no. She was still hopeful that we could be successful with my eggs.

So…that’s that. I’m a bit nervous because the embryo that came back as normal was the 3BB. I was hoping it would have been the 5AB or one of the 5BBs. I asked her if this lowered the chances of it resulting in a successful pregnancy but she said no. She said there is a a 64% chance of implantation and 60% chance of live birth with this one.

So now we try and figure the laparoscopy out and decide whether or not to cycle again or just gamble on the one.


10 thoughts on “Regroup – My head is swimming

  1. Yikes Jen…sooo sooo much to process. And so not fair you have so many more hoops to jump through just to make it to transfer. But I know you will get it all done. Hang in there…

  2. Hi Jen. So much to digest! Wow. So the 3BB is the one hey? Did not see that coming. She gave me the same chances with a 5BB so maybe it's about the BB, or they say the same thing to everyone. Let's hope not. I will ask her about quality and implantation rate tomorrow during my transfer. All the best in your process….one day At a time.

  3. Yes, I've actually heard that only women with endo lack the beta-3 or women with severe uterine scarring from very invasive surgeries, that's what my nurse said. So you may be right, you might have some endo. I am very surprised that Dr. M said the lack of beta-3 reduces implantation rates by 15%, I thought it would be a lot more than that.

  4. Yes, I'll do the Depot Lupron for two months before transfer due to my lacking the beta-3 integrin. The laparoscopy is to confirm what the H.E.L.L. is going on with my tubes as no one seems to know. My first HSG indicted a hydrosalpinx and my second indicated that the right tube was blocked at the uterus (probably from a spasm) so basically the HSG's are inconclusive and Dr. M said the only way to find out for sure is laparoscopy (if there is a hydro, then the tube will be clamped). I do believe that I have some endometreosis as well (although I've never been diagnosed). I get some pretty annoying cramping mid-cycle, bloating and I've heard that a lot of women lacking the beta-3 have endometrosis. Hope that helps!!

  5. This is all good news Jen but a lot to think about. Did she mentioned doing the Depot Lupron for the lack of beta 3 integrin? Are you doing the laparoscopy to find out if you have endo because of the lack of beta 3 integrin? Do you have bad cramps or any other symptoms of endo? Sorry for all the questions. I'm curious for you and for myself too.

  6. So much to think about. Ack! It's so much work for 1 normal embryo, but on the other hand, it's a normal embryo, and that's still great. I wish you peace with your decision.I just read your dog in the car wash story too. OMGoodness! But way to go dog mom. You rock!!!

  7. This all sounds like good news to me! For what it's worth, I was told 65% chance of implantation after my FET. Are you still deciding whether to do another ER or go straight to FET? Is there a treatment for your lac of Beta-3 integrin? It's so great that you have these options!

  8. Wow, my head would be spinning too. So many decisions. I don't know what I would do either. I guess start with the laparoscopy. 64% & 60% sound like good percentages.

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