Infertiles…We’re Everywhere!

So I had an * interesting* – OK horrible – day yesterday.

I decided to take our car to the car wash late yesterday afternoon. It was one of those do-it-yourself car washes and I had brought my two dogs with me – I bring them pretty much everywhere. I was only planning a quick two minute wash just to rinse the dirt off so I decided to leave the car running so the dogs didn’t get too hot.

After a quick rinse I went to open the car door and it wouldn’t budge. The auto locks had gone off while I was washing the car and my dogs (who had gone crazy barking at the wand wash so were all worked up and hot) were now staring at me panting and I had no idea what I to do.

Panick quickly set in and I ran into the cashier to ask if they had a slim jim to break in – they did not. I asked them to call a tow truck company or something and they just kind of stared at me. I explained to them what happened and that I was really worried about my dogs and needed them out of the car ASAP. They were fairly useless and so I kinda lost my sh*t. 

The next series of events is kind of a blur. I tried calling K to see if he could bring the spare key but their phone wasn’t working. They finally took me to another phone but I couldn’t reach K. I started freaking out. Finally someone said, “Just break the window with a crowbar,” to which I responded, “Obviously I don’t have one.” Finally, after several minutes of me freaking out, one of the employees actually showed some interest and went to the back to see if they had anything to break the window. He came back with two huge wrenches and without batting an eye, I grabbed one out of his hand, made sure the dogs were in the front seat and smashed the wrench through the back window. I think the guy was shocked that I actually did it. After a few minutes and some manoeuvering, the one decent guy there helped me get the door open. I then realized that I was bleeding profusely and so they went to get the first aid kit. I told them I was fine and asked if they wanted me to help clean the glass but they said not to worry about it so I headed home, dropped the dogs off and called K who quickly came to get me and took me to the hospital.

After a couple of hours in the waiting room, I got in to see a doctor. This is the interesting part, while going through my medical history I mentioned the recent IVF cycle and he immediately began asking all kinds of questions. He then told me that he and his wife had struggled with IF for five years and that he knew first-hand how hard it was – “Hell on earth,” were his exact words. He ended up spending about 15 minutes talking to me about it and asking me all kinds of questions about CCRM. He then told me that I’d be shocked by all of the doctors and nurses that he knew of that were struggling to conceive. Not sure why but in some weird way, this made me feel better. We are not alone ladies.

Oh, and I’m fine by the way. Some lacerations on my wrist which they cleaned and wrapped (he said that I was extremely lucky as I just missed the tendon), a tetnus shot and an eye rinse to wash away any small bits of glass that were lodged in there. 


6 thoughts on “Infertiles…We’re Everywhere!

  1. Wow – I am glad you and your puppies are ok. It's like you went into fight mode. I bet you had an adrenalin hangover. I agree with you that infertiles are everyone. I had a hearing aid break down last week and went to my audiologist. I told him we were going to Colorado for fertility treatments and he told me that his wife just got back from the doctor and she was having a miscarriage that day. And he has 4 children and I always assumed that they were super fertile, but turns out she has had 5 miscarriages. So even "fertile" people can still have their fair share of tragedy. Makes you feel not so abnormal and alone to hear other people's struggles, even though it is sad. Glad it worked out for the doctor and his wife.

  2. O my gosh Jen, I would have done the same thing to get my babies out!! How scary… glad your ok!There are 2 Dr.'s here that are/have also struggled to conceive! It's crazy that there are so many people!

  3. What a day Jen!! You are a hero and a wonderful mommy to your dogs! Awesome about the doctor. Yes, so many infertile couples everywhere! Lucky for this doctor to meet you, maybe he just needed to hear about CCRM and go there to get their baby đŸ™‚

  4. WOW!!! I'm sorry you had to deal with that… but I would have done the same thing for my dogs (who I take everywhere. With how busy my local RE is, it doesn't surprise me that we are surrounded by other infertiles… it's just nice when they speak up!

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