Back to reality!

Yowsers am I wiped! We got home from Vegas yesterday – it was fun but totally exhausting! Happy to be home!

So, K and I stared at the phone for like five minutes last night before we summoned enough courage to check our messages.

Sure enough, Dr. M had left a message last Wednesday with our CCS results. One of our four blasts is genetically normal. I can’t lie, I was definitely hoping for two or three but I’m relieved that at least one of our little guys (or girls!) is normal. 

I don’t have a ton more info at this point – just because I obviously haven’t had a chance to talk to Dr. M. Here’s what I do know. She said that we had a lot of good looking embies on Day 3 but that a fair number arrested between Day 3 and Day 5 and she said that usually means that they were not genetically normal. She gave us a 62% chance of success with one. She also mentioned that if we were able to, we may want to consider doing another cycle to try and bank a couple more normals and increase our odds of success (because WHO doesn’t have another $25K lying around, right? Ha!) 

We haven’t decided on our plan of action yet. We have a ton of questions to ask her before making any firm decisions. Getting one (or more if we do another cycle) normal embryos is a huge milestone but there are other issues we need to deal with before we decide on transferring (including my tubal issues, lacking beta-3 integrin result, and the paraovarian cyst and irregular lining the ultrasound tech found this cycle during my stim monitoring). One thing we do know for sure is that there will be NO transfers until we feel comfortable that we’ve figured out what’s going on with my bits! Hopefully we will be more enlightened after our call next Tuesday with Dr. M.

Oh and I did ask my nurse today if she had any additional details on the CCS results. She didn’t know which embryo was the normal (we had a 5AB, 5BB, 5BB and 3BB if you recall), but she did have the info on the abnormal embryos. One had an extra 17th chromosome, one was missing a 17th and 21st chromosome, and one had an extra 14th and 22nd chromosome. I guess this isn’t really important as I remember the geneticist saying that there was no pattern with abnormals and that it was very random. Interesting though.

So there you have it. I’ll keep you posted once we’ve regrouped with Dr. M! Ahhh…this process is never ending!


11 thoughts on “Back to reality!

  1. Jen, so glad for your one frostie!!! That's wonderful. Hopefully you can get to talk to your doctor soon so you guys will know what's going to happen! Thinking of you!

  2. Jen – glad that you got at least one great embryo to work with. 62% sounds like a really great chance. I am sure you will have a better idea of what to do after you talk to your doctor. I'll be thinking about you.

  3. Thanks for the update Jen…so soo sooooo relieved for your normal! Good for you to get the rest of your lady bits figured out before getting to transfer. With you every step of the way.

  4. Hey there!! I am so glad for you. Please join my club of ONE normal. It would be nice to know which one is the normal one…hopefully Dr. M will let you know. I know it's disappointing to have only one and you may feel greedy or selfish to be upset about that but don't feel that way. It's important to grieve that hope of having more, so you can focus on this liitle one properly. Good luck getting all your ducks in a row. Let's have a Starbucks when I get back!

  5. Oh one more thought — they told me that the fact that my c-some abnormalities were all different meant that they were due to AMA and not an underlying genetic issue that could cause c-some problems.

  6. That's great that you got 1 out of 4 CCS normal embie!!! I can imagine it's a tough decision about cycling again before transfer or not. One thing to think about is whether you want sibs. You may decide to cycle sooner rather later to have frosties for later (since we're sadly not getting any younger). I only transferred one this cycle (although I had 3 frosties) because 65% odds seemed good to me. Now I don't know if it's worked yet but 1 (esp with those odds) certainly can. Again congrats on your one precious embie!!!

  7. That one that made it sounds amazing but hey I don't know what I would do either. 25K is so much money, it took us months to save that money so I totally understand where you are coming from. I hate all these difficult decisions, it seems like it never gets easy. Figure out your bits and then I think preparing for an FET will make you feel a lot better about the one fighter that made it!

  8. I'm following your journey because I'm not far behind on starting at CCRM. 62% is great for one embie… but I know it's not great if you end up in the wrong side of that statistic. These decisions are so difficult. Wishing you the best!!

  9. Oh Jen, what can I say, I was also hoping for at least 2 normals for you. But 62% chance of success with only one is wonderful. I think that is definitely good news. I know it's hard to get the money together, but ideally another cycle would be great, just for the purpose of future siblings you know. Anyway, big hugs to you xoxo

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