Too chicken to call!

OK – I know I’m probably driving some of you nuts, but I didn’t call yesterday – I am seriously PETRIFIED – like comatose, frozen, petrified!!

BUT…I did finally suck it up and email my nurse a couple of hours ago. I just heard back from her and guess what…no results yet!! She said it’s been two weeks and two days since the biopsy and this time frame isn’t unusual (I didn’t bother telling her that every other person I’ve talked to seemed to have gotten their results a lot quicker – maybe it has something to do with the annual lab closure this past week? I don’t know – doesn’t matter).

Anywhoo…she said she’d likely call early next week. Only problem is we will be in Vegas all week and I absolutely DO NOT want to get the results while we’re away. I know we could get great news (and I pray to the good Lord above that we do), but we all know that there is an equal chance of not so great news, and I don’t want to chance having to deal with not so great news on my one and only holiday of the year. I need a break from all of this for a week and to just have FUN!

So…that’s the scoop ladies. You’ll have to wait for about another 10 days – sorry!!


8 thoughts on “Too chicken to call!

  1. Jen – I agree that "ignorant bliss" is sometimes the best place of all to be during this process. I clearly remember that after I saw our twins' heartbeats for the very first time, I wasn't eager to rush in for another u/s because I was terrified of the unknown. If I could just keep thinking that everything was fine, that was the best place for me mentally. Hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas! Enjoy!

  2. Hey…I was in Vegas when we got our CCS results too! But my wait was no where near as stressful as yours given DE. Anyway, I will be here waiting for you and hoping for good news. In the meantime, have a GREAT week in my fav place…VEGAS!

  3. I'm glad you emailed to find out what's going on! So now you know you can turn off your cell phone (or have the nurse call your home phone) while your in Vegas so you can forget about all this while you're gone knowing you'll hear the results when you get back šŸ™‚ Have fun!

  4. That is unusual, but I'm glad you e-mailed šŸ™‚ Yeah, I wouldn't want to get the results while on vacation either, even though I'm sure you'll get good news. Vegas??? !!! Yay! I have no idea where you are staying but we ABSOLUTELY love the Encore!! It's our absolute favorite, have a blast!

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