Still Here…Still Waiting

So my retrieval was three weeks ago today. I got my Day 6 blast report two weeks ago yesterday. I still haven’t heard my CCS results. Is this normal? From reading other people’s blogs, it seems like most of you got your results quicker.

I’m torn. Part of me just wants to rip the bandaid off and hear the results. The other part of me is somewhat relieved every day the phone doesn’t ring. I’m terrified of bad news.


7 thoughts on “Still Here…Still Waiting

  1. That is totally weird…I have not heard of anyone having to wait three weeks…two weeks at the upmost tops. Rip the band aid off…crossing fingers.

  2. I had my ER at CCRM on June 20th. I got my CCS results last Friday. The nurse called me with those results. I thought she was calling with the grading of the embryos. Her call was a shock to me-as it seemed to come faster then expected. I would give your nurse a call or shoot them an email.

  3. Remember that it is your doctor who will be calling you…no one else. So if she is on holidays or got a few ppl in line, that is what may be taking a while. Email your nurse or call to wake them up. All the best Jen….don't worry…they look really good, so no reason why at least one of them wouldn't be the one!! Thanks for checking in with us…I've been checking every day!!

  4. Call them Jen! I did and the nurse just pulled out my file and they were right there, like they had been sitting there for days already. Call or e-mail, I'm sure they are just sitting there.

  5. I'm scared too. My day 3s were frozen on June 22 so I should be hearing soon as well. I'm with you – I want to know and scared to death to know the results. goldie73

  6. I did get mine quicker. You could call just to check in and get an ETA for when they think you'll hear from them. That way you'll know better what to expect. And who knows, maybe the call will prompt them to get you those results faster. Looking forward to hearing that report!

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