Home Sweet Home!

I enjoyed my time in Denver immensely – it’s a great city but there’s definitely no place like home. SUPER happy to be back in my house with my puppies!

We had a bit of drama at the airport. First, the gate agent – who I will hereforth refer to as The Douche – asked everyone to come up to the gate prior to boarding to present their passport. I was sitting right beside the gate (in PLAIN view) and so K said he’d go up with both of our passports as I’ve been in a lot of pain since yesterday’s ER – super uncomfortable and am having a lot of trouble moving around. I see K hand the passports to the female agent and they both look over at me, so I raise my hand to say ‘Yes, it’s me,’ and then The Douche grabs the microphone and announces over the PA – ‘No, no…don’t get up – it’s all about YOU,’ in the most sarcastic tone I’ve ever heard while staring me dead in the eye. I was MORTIFIED. K was super PISSED and took the opportunity to tell the D. BAG that  I had just had surgery and was in a lot of pain. Unbelievable. I mean seriously – I totally would have understood if they would have just said to K that I needed to come up – totally understandable, but this guy – wow – I had to do everything in my power to bite my tongue.

Next, they announce that due to weather issues at home we need to be prepared to be rerouted to North Dakota or another city in our province 2.5 hours away. Superb. I can barely sit or stand and was now having to prepare myself for a VERY long day. Luckily, we were able to land at home – otherwise I think I may have had a meltdown akin to the one I had before leaving for Denver last week.

So home – safe and sound – and uncomfortable. Annie called me on the way to the airport this morning to see how I was feeling (not sure if the nurses always do this or not?). I told her I was OK but really uncomfortable. She gave me a bunch of symptoms to watch for and so I’m hoping this gets better and not worse.

And the big news – fertilization – well as of this morning we have 14 embryos that fertilized normally. I’m not gonna lie, it freaked me out to go from 29 eggs to 14 embryos but I know this is all part of the deal and I’m very thankful for the 14 (if you recall from my last cycle, everything went to Hell the day after ER and all of my embryos fertilized abnormally, so 14 normally fertilized embryos is GREAT). The embryologist said that of the 29 eggs, 22 were mature and ICSI’d and of those 22, 14 fertilized normally and 7 didn’t appear to fertilize. She said they are still watching the 7 and there is a possibility that they missed the period to tell if they fertilized or not (apparently the presence of the two pronuclei – which signifies normal fertilization – is only visible for about one hour and so they can miss it so they’ll keep them in culture and they may or may not do anything).

So that’s the scoop ladies. Feeling happy, but super nervous. I have NO idea how I’m gonna make it to Wednesday and then until early July for CCS results!


10 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. Great news Jen! I'm praying for your 14 embies!! I bet your puppies were super excited to see you. I totally would have slapped that *hole at the airport. NOw take care of yourself and get lots of rest!

  2. 14 is great! I felt the same way when I went from 29 to 22 to 14 to 3. But I had to remind my self that if I had had 14 eggs I would have been thrilled so having 14 fertilize is AWESOME! Sorry that you're uncomfortable. Lots of pampering for you until you feel better — you've definitely earned it!

  3. 14 is amazing! Congratulations! I seriously think I would have slapped that guy across his face…you should report him for unprofessional conduct!

  4. Kept checking all day! Good to see you home! And don't be nervous about 14. I was catatonic waiting for CCS with ONE. 14 is a lottery!! Relax. The chances of you having at least ONE normal and good quality blast are pretty much in the bag. And the Douch can go F himself.

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