Triggering Tonight

Just got the call and I trigger tonight at 10 PM and ER is 9 AM Thursday. It’s still looking like around 20 mature follies so hopefully there are a few good eggs in there.

I’m a little nervous about the trigger shot tonight as I’ve always done it subcutaneously in the abdomen in the past but this one is intramuscular in the hip – I hope it doesn’t hurt too much?

Need to spend some time tonight figuring our flights home.

Will update again after ER Thursday.


9 thoughts on “Triggering Tonight

  1. Well, by now you know that it hurts way more the next day. I just tried to call you at the stay bridge. They don't have you. If you'd like to chat, email me a number. All the best for tomorrow. And don't be nervous. An ER at CCRM is like a spa treatment.if you'd like a preview, check back on my posting in early April. Good luck to your 20 eggs! Iveta

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