Change of Plans

Looks like we won’t be entirely on schedule as we had thought yesterday. The good news is that it looked like about 20-25 follicles on this morning’s ultrasound. The less great news is that my E2 is through the roof and so they are pushing my retrieval back for at least a day in hopes that my E2 will drop a bit and we can ward of OHSS. I’m off all of my meds now except Dexa.methsone and they’ve added Ce.trotide into the mix to prevent me from ovulating prior to ER. 

So I guess we’ll have to change our flights but that’s OK. I trust that we’re in good hands and will do whatever we need to do.

Another odd thing popped up on my ultrasound this morning. My lining looked irregular. The tech said it was a nice triple pattern but there were some thicker areas. Was a bit weird as I’ve never had any lining issues identified before. I’m not too concerned at this point as I’m just focusing on retrieval right now since we’re not doing a fresh transfer anyhow. We’ll figure out what’s going on with everything else after we make it past this step. 


8 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. That is an amazing number of follies! Great news! I'm sorry for the OHSS risk but it sounds like they're managing it so you may be uncomfortable after ER but it'll be worth it for all these follies!!!

  2. You have a great attitude! Hope your E2 drops and things get back on-track. You are definitely in good hands. Us IVFers just need to trust the process. Excellent number of follicles! Looking forward to ER day!

  3. Hey Jen, i just happened upon your blog. I am getting ready to be in your shoes next month. I just had 1-day workup last week and was cleared for my first IVF. I hope my ovaries respond as well as yours! I too am really impressed with CCRM and wished I had started there rather than wasting time with RE down south. Wishing you lots of luck! I like your blog!

  4. I actually feel good so far – just full and a bit winded but fine otherwise. I didn't get the exact number but I think she said over 4000?

  5. Wow what a great number of follies! Hopefully your E2 settles down. Question, how do you get the signature at the end of every post? I hot the link to the site to make it but can't figure out how to insert the ID I'm given?

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