Ultrasound #4 – Day 4 in Denver

I had my second ultrasound and blood draw at CC.RM this morning. Everything’s looking good. The tech counted 6-8 around the same size with around 4 smaller ones on the right, and then around 9 of about the same size and a few smaller ones on the left. The paraovarian cyst is still there, although apparently it’s on the left side (I thought it was the right side).

The nurse called a couple of hours ago and they’ve cut my Go.nal-F right down to 37.5 units tonight and then 75 units of Meno.pur tomorrow morning, and then my next ultrasound is tomorrow morning. She said I will likely trigger tomorrow night and ER will be Wednesday, which is what was originally planned. So everything’s going well so far.

We ended up doing a bit of outlet shopping yesterday and then headed down to Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. It was a great day – we really enjoyed ourselves. I would have loved to been able to do a bit more walking/hiking but I’m just not comfortable enough and didn’t want to push it – plus it was super warm out.

Today we took the train downtown and walked around for a few hours. It was really nice – super easy to get around.

Oh – I was sooooo close to adopting a rescue dog yesterday. I fell in LOVE and am still thinking about him. I want to bring him home so much! He was a-dork-able – he was older, looked like a mix between a jack russell and a miniature pinscher. He had a scar on his back and was missing a fang – I think he’s had a rough go of it. If there was a way to get him across the border with no trouble, it would take absolutely no convincing me!

So that’s about it for now. Will update tomorrow after my ultrasound.


3 thoughts on “Ultrasound #4 – Day 4 in Denver

  1. So happy you are enjoying your time in Denver. Glad the sun came back today. This is my favorite time of year – warm weather (but not too hot), flowers blooming, clear skies, outdoor concerts and festivals.Best of luck on Wednesday!

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