Ultrasound #3 – Day 2 in Denver

Today was my first ultrasound and blood draw at CC.RM. It went well. Looks like they’re tracking about 15 follicles. There are a few others trailing behind that may catch up but they’re focusing on the 15.

They also found something odd on my ultrasound this morning. The tech wasn’t sure if it was a really big follicle or some sort of cyst outside of my right ovary. Annie just called a few minutes ago with my dosage instructions for the next few days and she said the doc thinks it’s a paraovarian cyst. She said they’re not too concerned about it in terms of retrieval as it’s outside the ovary and not hormonally-related. Weird that no one else picked this up before today though?

I’m reducing my meds to 75 units of Go.nal-F tonight, 75 units of Meno.pur tomorrow, back up to 150 units of Go.nal-F tomorrow and then 75 units of Meno.pur Sunday morning. No appointments tomorrow and next ultrasound and blood draw is Sunday morning. 

Not too sure what we’ll do tomorrow. Maybe head downtown or do a bit of shopping. I’m fairly uncomfortable at this point and seem to need a lot of rest so nothing too strenuous.

Manni – I have no idea how uncomfortable you must have been with 29 – yowsers!


6 thoughts on “Ultrasound #3 – Day 2 in Denver

  1. 15 follies is perfect!! Hope the paraovarian cyst issue will be resolved soon. Sorry about the discomfort…how about a driving trip? Not sure if that would be any less uncomfortable.

  2. Yes it does get uncomfortable with all those follies. But I'm so excited you're getting so many!!! A tip — if it's uncomfortable to walk but you want to get out, you can get wheelchairs at a lot of places. The last day my brother and SIL were in Denver with me during my ER we decided to go to the Natural History museum. It hurt to walk so I got a wheelchair at the museum (it was free to use) and my brother pushed me around. It was actually quite nice because I was able to get out of the hotel room, enjoy Denver, and not be uncomfortable. I also got a wheelchair at the airport because it still hurt to walk after ER for me. If that happens for you too you or DH can just ask any airport employee for a wheelchair and they will bring one to you. You can wait at the curb if you don't want to have to walk inside.So excited for you!!!

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