Yesterday Sucked…

But today has been better.

As I eluded to in my last post, it was a bit of a gong show getting my blood work and ultrasound results to CC.RM. When I called the receptionist at my former RE’s office bright and early yesterday morning to ask her to fax the results ASAP, I got a lovely message indicating she was out for the day and not back until today. Needless to say, I was freaking out! Before I left the clinic Tuesday, I checked in with her to make sure she would fax the results right away and she confirmed she would. Ummm…

I tried to stay calm but, honestly, all of the stress of the past several weeks just finally caught up with me and I could feel a major melt down coming on. I called one of the IVF nurses at the clinic and thankfully someone picked up. I explained to her what I needed and that the receptionist had forgotten to fax the results to CC.RM. The nurse said she’d go track them down and do it right away, BUT when she asked me to confirm what blood tests I’d had done and I told her estradiol and progesterone, she told me that there was no way there would be progesterone results in as they took a week to process. I was stunned and didn’t know what to  say. She then told me that progesterone levels weren’t necessary anyways. I wanted to tell her that they obviously WERE necessary or CC.RM wouldn’t have ordered them, but I was at a loss for words.

I had no idea what to do. I tried getting a hold of my nurse at CC.RM but felt like I couldn’t wait for her to return my call. I still had a lab requisition from my GP for progesterone (which I had gotten when I originally planned to get my blood work and ultrasounds done locally instead of by my former RE) so I decided to head over to the hospital and see if they could get the test done and processed ASAP for me. The tech at the lab was fantastic and said it was no problem and it could be done ASAP. When I got home, Annie had left a message telling me that she finally received all of my blood work and ultrasound results and everything looked great. I was good to go. 

I was relieved but a bit perplexed as I thought that my progesterone results would have been missing so I called her to double check. Surprisingly she said she had them. I explained to her what happened and warned her that she may be receiving a second progesterone result.

I can’t believe that the IVF nurse at my former clinic gave me the wrong information – is it me or is that not a big deal that she didn’t understand the necessity of this basic hormone test? So annoyed.

And the melt down…well it came about an hour later…and with a vengence. The poor, poor lady at my credit card’s service centre had no idea what hit her. I had a full on-blubbering- can’t speak melt down on the phone with her. She was so nice though and eventually talked me of the ledge. 

After my fun-filled day, I had a wicked headache last night that lasted until about an hour ago – finally feeling a bit better now. I sure hope all of the drama with coordinating this mess is over. Definitely, without a doubt worth it, but it’s been very challenging.

First two shots of Lu.pron down today and start stims Saturday!


8 thoughts on “Yesterday Sucked…

  1. Glad you got it resolved. Welcome to lupron land…for me that meant headaches and wild, wild dreams! It was a wild, wild ride. My most vivid dream was one where I was fishing – using milk bones as bait (yes, I distinctly remember the brand).Looking forward to following you through your cycle! You're getting so close!

  2. I'm so sorry your day was so tough!!! I hope this was your last local b/w. If not, you may consider having it drawn locally at a lab then frozen and shipped to CCRM. May cost more but be less of a headache. Take care of yourself today — you've definitely earned some pampering!!!

  3. Thanks guys! One more ultrasound and bloodwork done locally (Wednesday) and then off to Denver Thursday so I'm getting there! Feeling way better today – was bound to have a meltdown at some point!

  4. What a day! Glad it worked out in the end, but yes, sometimes you have to be your own advocate because the ball does get dropped on occasion. I've always been told that progesterone levels are important, and I have had the test run stat many times. Hope today is a better one for you!

  5. Oh the good old days…..panic sticken, wanting to kill some idiot not doing their job, good old days. I feel for you. This is not an easy thing to do. You have to stay on top of ppl and they still fuck up. And it can cost you the whole cycle so the stres is bizarre. Glad you got it done and got a hold of yourself. Hopefully the worst part is over.

  6. Oh no Jen!! Yes, yes, yes they can do STAT progesterone tests. My local OB/GYN wasn't sure but she always wrote stat, I always went to the RGH Hospital lab as soon as they opened and NEVER had a problem. There was a once maybe that the faxed results didn't get to CCRM until the next morning because of a technological error or something. I don't think necessarily your former RE's nurse was wrong as my OB wasn't sure they could do stat P4 either but they did. E2 is measured right at the RGH lab and P4 is sent to the Provincial Lab for testing. In fact…I had to get a P4 test done on Boxing Day and the Provincial Lab called in a staff member to run my P4 test result as my P4 levels were in major cahouts and potentially threatening the pregnancy. But they pulled through. OH and yes both P4 and E2 are incredibly important and thus why CCRM tests them…and that is why you are with a different RE. Catch my drift! Many clinics don't monitor it and they should…they really really should. I know all of this is soo stressful. And it sucks. That's why I can only go through all that torture once and I SURE hope you only have to do this once too. But just hang in there…you will get through this.

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