I am suppressed…I think

Well I had my baseline ultrasound at my old clinic today and I am indeed suppressed – so good news there.

I didn’t hear back on my blood work though. The receptionist at my old clinic said as soon as she got the results from the lab downstairs in the hospital she would fax them to CC.RM, so on my drive home (my old clinic is 2.5 hours away), I called CC.RM to let them know they should be getting the results this afternoon.

When I finally got home at 4:30, however, CC.RM had called and left a message saying that they hadn’t yet received the results of the ultrasound or blood work. I called back to my former clinic but they were gone for the day. WTH?

Not panicking yet though as I’m not supposed to start my injections until Thursday so I’ll call the clinic again tomorrow morning and see what’s going on. 

As long as my hormone levels are good, I guess I’ll be on my way to Denver on June 9th as planned!


6 thoughts on “I am suppressed…I think

  1. I did (after a HUGE goose chase – I can't even talk about it yet – I'm still trying to wind down from a nasty day). The good news and the short story though, is everything looks good and I can start my injections tomorrow. Thanks for checking in on me 🙂

  2. Thanks guys! Yeah, we're doing ICSI and then freezing everything and then will do the Depot Lupron treatment for three months (and possibly surgery depending what Dr. M says about the tubes).

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