HSG #2

Well…I had my HSG yesterday. The good news is that it was not nearly as painful as the one I had almost three years ago. The bad news…well not really bad, just confusing…is that they couldn’t get the dye to fill either tube, which I assume means both are blocked? My OB used up all of the dye trying to get the tubes to fill,  but nothing. She thought she could see a small amount of dye in one tube and the radiologist seemed to agree, but neither tube spilled. And no one mentioned anything about a hydrosalpinx…so who knows what’s going on in there!

They recorded the procedure on DVD so I’ll send that down to Dr. M along with the still shots from 2008 and see what she says in terms of where we go from here. The one small bright side is that if I do now have documented bilateral blockage, my employer’s plan covers IVF in that case (up to three times), although I’m not sure how this will work with out of country treatment – I’m not banking on anything but we’ll see.

The prescriptions are driving me a bit nuts because my pharmacy here doesn’t seem that familiar with fertility meds. She’s having a bit of trouble getting the Meno.pur in (she got two boxes but I need four – she said she’d call today to let me know if the other two came in) and she can’t seem to locate a 27 1 1/4 gauge needle anywhere (I think it’s for the HCG trigger, so I’m not too worried – I can see if Annie knows where I could get one down there). Oh and to complicate things, there are new Go.nal-F pens and so when I saw the pens she got in I was confused as they look different than the ones I’m used to. The pharmacist said the old ones have been discontinued and these were the replacements but because she doesn’t know a ton about the product, I didn’t totally trust her. I called my old pharmacy to check and they confirmed that there are indeed new pens, so I felt relieved. Oh, and my micro-dose-Lu.pron should be arriving via Fed.Ex today (had to order that one from the US).

I find the whole meds thing really frustrating this time around. In the past, it was so seamless. The pharmacy specialized in IVF meds, my doctor would fax over all of prescriptions and then I would just pick them up as needed. After every ultrasound during stim monitoring I would find out how much more to get and would then just pick up enough to get me to my next ultrasound. This way I never had too much and the drugs were always in stock so I never had to worry that they wouldn’t be available. This time, I have no idea how much of the meds to pick up. One of the nurse’s at CC.RM told me to pick everything up, but does that mean the original quantity and the refills – how do you know? I think I’m going to call and double check with Annie today.

***Update***Just got off the phone with Annie and found out some interesting news. She got the results back from my Beta-3 Integrin biopsy and it was negative, meaning that I am in fact lacking the integrin which can negatively impact implantation. The treatment involves 3 months of De.pot Lup.ron injections. Hmmm…another piece of the puzzle – well at least we’re finding things out this time!


4 thoughts on “HSG #2

  1. IVFlygirl – I think once Dr. M. weighs in on everything, I'll feel better. Right now I just feel utterly confused as to what's going on with my body, but at least we're getting some answers.

  2. Glad you have enough meds to get started and that your IVF may be covered by insurance! Do you feel more hopeful now that they may have found a reason for your difficulties that can be easily treated? I know someone who did the depot lupron injections and she's now expecting twins this fall!

  3. Jen I'm so sorry this might mean you have a blocked tube! Although I guess the bright side is it may help Dr. M in figuring out the best treatment for you.Sorry about the frustration with the meds. Do you have online fertility clinics that you can use in Canada?

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