I jinxed myself!

Sorry – this is a LONG one. Been a CRAZY week!

So, I should have learned by now to never, EVER put down in writing how smoothly things are going. It’s just a given that whenever I think things are going too well, something happens to throw everything into a tail spin!

Where to begin…my prescriptions. When I spoke with my GP’s office on Monday, I was assured that the prescriptions would be ready and the ultrasounds booked by Tuesday. My doctor was leaving for holidays at end of day Monday, but her receptionist assured me that she would be in the office on Tuesday doing some catch up and she would call me when they were ready to come pick up. Great.

Tuesday comes – nothing. I finally decide to call around 2 p.m. to check on things. To my surprise, my call goes directly to voicemail and I am told that my GP is now on holidays and the office is closed. Holy crap – what do I do! I emailed her receptionist (thankfully I had her email address as I’d had to send her some paperwork the week before) – no response. I call the ultrasound clinic to see if my June 1st and June 8th ultrasounds were booked. The “lovely” receptionist (the quotation marks are meant to indicate sarcasm – she was not lovely – she was miserable) curtly informs me that I have a June 1st ultrasound booked and nothing more. I explain to her that there should also be one booked for June 8th – nope. Superb.

I decide to drive to my GP’s office to see if her receptionist is there – maybe she’s just not answering the phone while she works on her paperwork. I get out there, the blinds are drawn, the office is dark and the doors are locked. I begin to panic and start knocking on the window, desperately hoping someone is inside. No one was inside.

So I come home and decide to call my OBGYN’s office, explain what happened and ask if she would be willing to book the second ultrasound and re-write the prescriptions (I don’t like to bother my OB with tasks that my GP should be able to do – I need enough favours from my OB). Her receptionist was super and said to bring them by and she would get the doctor to do them ASAP. Thank you!

No sooner do I hang up the phone and it rings. It’s my GP’s receptionist. She is in the office now and has the prescriptions ready and the ultrasounds booked. I call my OB’s office back, tell her I don’t need her to redo everything, thank her and speed over to my GP’s office. I knock on the back door, get what I need, thank the receptionist profusely and she then tells me that the ultrasound clinic has informed her that they will be charging me $90 for each ultrasound – I didn’t expect that (remember, publicly-funded health care system) but didn’t care. Fine.

I made sure all of the prescriptions were accounted for and headed over to the pharmacy. I spent a half an hour or so going over the prescriptions with the pharmacist (who was a tad bit confused by it all). She calls me later that evening, still confused by a couple of things – I think (I HOPE) it is all clear now. I am just waiting for my meds to come in.

Next hiccup – the blood work requisitions that my GP wrote. First, she only wrote one – I need two. Second, while she did ask for the correct blood tests, she also added a bunch of random hormone tests – again, demonstrating she does not get this – at all. Whatever, I have time to get the blood work reqs re-done. Not too worried about them.

And the grande finale – the big one – the ultrasounds. I decided to call the ultrasound clinic directly on Wednesday morning to 1. Make sure two ultrasounds were indeed booked and 2. Make sure that the tech understood exactly what the ultrasounds were for. I did not have a lot of confidence that my GP had accurately informed them what these were for…and I was correct. The receptionist (the same super “sweet” lady from the day before) confirms that two pelvic ultrasounds are booked. I then ask her to confirm that the first was to rule out ovarian cysts and the second was to measure follicle number and size. Nope – they just say pelvic ultrasounds. No details. So, I spend 15 to 20 minutes trying to explain what these ultrasounds are for and that my GP doesn’t really understand the intention as she ordered them on behalf of my physician in Denver. I also explain that it’s critical that the correct information is gathered from these tests. She says she will talk to a technician and get back to me. 

After I hung up, I felt really uneasy. Even if she called back and said that everything was sorted out, I knew that I wouldn’t feel confident and that the next couple of weeks would be filled with worry. So, I bit the bullet and called my former RE’s office. I explained to the receptionist what I needed, what had happened with my GP’s office here and the whole ultrasound debacle. She was very understanding and admitted that she wasn’t surprised – most doctor’s just don’t get IVF or what’s involved. She said that my former RE could absolutely do the ultrasounds and they will also get the blood work done and everything will be faxed off  to CC.RM by noon same day – DONE deal – I love you! I immediately felt relief. She said that there would be $100 charge for each ultrasound and a one-time $150 administration fee for satellite monitoring, so with the travel expenses involved there and back, it’s definitely going to cost more than doing it here but I think the peace of mind is worth it. I mean if the local techs mess this up, my whole cycle could be in jeopardy, right?

The local clinic ended up calling me back later in the afternoon and said to bring my ultrasound reqs from CC.RM to the appointments and that it should be fine. I didn’t tell her that I had already gone ahead and booked them with my former RE, but I will make sure to cancel with lots of notice. I’m just nervous now to cancel anything – it was such a hassle to get them booked.

So that in a nutshell has been my life this week. I apologize for the insanely long rant but I had to get this all out! This is HARD!


8 thoughts on “I jinxed myself!

  1. I'm sorry your having to go through all this. I sure hope things go better with your former RE. I think it totally worth it to pay for satellite monitoring. Your lucky thought, my monitoring fee is costing my 1250.00 Canadian; 150 is totally worth it.Best of luck, it sounds like you have everything under control.

  2. Isn't it "fun" coordinating an international cycle? When I did my two cycles overseas, I had similar experiences (but none quite as complicated as your story). You have to wonder where they find some of these people.I remember one u/s at my OB/GYN's office where the u/s tech complained the entire time about a baby crying outside. HELLO?!! You work in an OB's office! Didn't you think when you chose this career and took this job there might be a few screaming kids around from time-to-time?I still have to deal with my drug company – here's a conversation from this morning:Me: Hello, I'd like to renew my Lovenox prescription.Her: You last filled this prescription in December, so it's now expired. I need to get a pharmacist to reactivate it.Me: Will someone call me?Her: Yes – hopefully by Wednesday.Me: You're a 24-hour, mail-order pharmacy. Aren't there any pharmacists there today?Her:Yes, but they don't do this type of work over the weekend.Me: Doesn't anyone work on Monday or Tuesday?Her: Yes, but I can't guarantee that they'll get to it.Me: Why not?Her: Well, they might, I just can't guarantee it.We went in circles for 30 more seconds until I realized that I wouldn't get anywhere with this moron. So, I'll just call back on Monday and talk to the pharmacist myself.

  3. UGH!!!! I totally, totally feel for you! Not to say that your GP is not a good one…but I was lucky in that my OB/GYN understood IVF (IF is her specialty) and was super on the ball about everything. I got lucky in that I didn't have to pay satellite monitoring fees, etc. But I agree…when you've got THOUSANDS on the line…a few hundred bucks spent on remote satellite fees with your old RE will be worth every penny. Whatever…more to claim with CRA next year. And for the record…I know EXACTLY which ultrasound clinic you are talking about…I have never had a nice experience there either and my OB is frequently annoyed with them too. Even caught her make a catty remark about them too. You did the right thing. Ugh…this international IVF thing is not easy.

  4. OMG Jen! That is insanity! Can't believe all you had to go through! Great job on staying on top of things, so glad your ex RE will do it, you will definitely get what you need from them, you would never have had peace of mind with the OB.

  5. So frustrating!!! We really have to stay on top of our treatments to make sure everything goes right. That has been a very surprising part of this process for me. I'm glad you got it all worked out!

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