So Far…So Good

I spoke to my GP’s receptionist this morning and she was able to get me in on June 1st for my first ultrasound! She’s going to try today to get ultrasound #2 booked for June 8th. This is good news – it means I don’t have to travel 2.5 hours each way to my former RE’s office to have this done.

After this is all said and done, I will be showering my GP and her fabulous receptionist with gifts of some kind. I know they have absolutely no clue about all of this and how it works, but they have been so incredibly accommodating and pleasant and for that I am truly grateful. It can be tough to find a good doctor, with good staff, in a publicly funded health care system so I am very lucky. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Canadian health care system and I am very grateful for universal health care but it does have a downside (I’ve had my fair share of issues).

My prescriptions should be ready to pick up tomorrow as well, so once I get those I will drop them off at the pharmacy and hopefully won’t run into any more bumps.

Oh – and the BEST news of the day – the vet called this morning and said that the results from the biopsy came back and the lump on my little fur baby is benign! Yahoo!! Today, life is good.


4 thoughts on “So Far…So Good

  1. I love it when things work out! Glad your GP is willing to accommodate you. Even with private health care, that is still hard to find!Very happy your fur baby is ok too šŸ™‚

  2. That is great news about your doggie Jen! And yes, alot of health care professionals received ALOT of nut and chocolate trays at Christmas time once we hit our 2nd tri! It is sooo critical to have docs and receptionists that cooperate with you. Couldn't have done it without them!

  3. Great news all around! I'm so glad your fur baby is healthy! Ours was just at the vets last week for some sort of poisoning (he had to stay over night and everything) so I know how scary that can be (he's doing much better btw).And glad your GP is working with you on this! Makes such a big difference to find local doc's willing to work with us to coordinate out of state treatment.

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