And we’re off

AF arrived Thursday, I have my HSG scheduled for May 24th and I started BCP today. Holy crap this is happening again! I alternate between feelings of pure terror (I am SO afraid of what happened in December happening again) and excitement. Honestly, I’m just trying not to think about things too much.

There was a bit of a hiccup getting my BCP. First, my GP wasn’t familiar with the ones Dr. M prescribed so I got Annie to send a list of alternatives. When I went to the first pharmacy to pick them up, the pharmacist told me that they haven’t carried that brand in more than two years – PERFECT. Thankfully, the next pharmacy had them but when I went to pay for them there were two packages. I explained to the pharmacist that I only need 17 days worth, so didn’t need the second package (I explained they were for IVF).  She then said that was odd – my GP had prescribed 6 months worth – this just demonstrated to me, yet again, that most doctors do not have a clue when it comes to IVF – they have no idea what’s going on. Oh well…at least I seem to know.

Hopefully my GP will have the remainder of the prescriptions ready for me to pick up Monday and I can get the rest of my meds ordered/picked up. I also tried to get my GP to book my baseline ultrasound, but again her receptionist didn’t seem to understand that it HAS to be booked on one of two days – not just when the ultrasound clinic can fit me in. She said she’d do her best but I’m not overly confident that anyone at my local GP’s office gets this. I’ll see what happens Monday and if she wasn’t able to get me in on May 31/June 1 then I’ll contact my former RE’s office and see if they will do it for me – just sucks because it’s a 2.5 hour drive each way to my former RE’s. We shall see. I’m not getting too stressed. This stuff will get figured out one way or another.

And finally, I booked my flight to Denver yesterday. I’m using airline miles so didn’t want to leave it too late although I am fully aware that I may have to change the departure and return dates. We didn’t book K’s flight yet – we’ll wait a bit until things look a bit more firm.

And there you have it – the ball is indeed rolling!


11 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. Becca – maybe we will! If you feel like exchanging info at all email me (you can email me by clicking on the envelope in the upper right-hand corner) and maybe we can get together sometime.

  2. Good luck to you! I know what you mean about being nervous and excited at the same time! When will you be in Denver? We will probably be out there the same time!

  3. Jen, I am here to cheer you on too! Can't wait until several months from now when you'll be looking back and the BCP phase will seem like a distant memory. Stay tough on scheduling those appointments. You're rignt – the doctors don't always understand (and even CCRM sometimes makes mistakes too). We have to be the #1 advocates for our own care.

  4. Very exciting! I hear ya on non-RE offices not getting it. Even my Ob/Gyn's office is clueless. I've done my best to educate them (hahaha), but they just kind of have blank looks when I explain the IVF process. Hope the rest of your journey is a smooth one 🙂

  5. Yes! That ball IS rolling! Awesome! Do you have contact with other canadian women coming to the US for treatment? Have you joined fertility forums? I know on FF there are some canadians, I was wondering if you can get tips from them to get stuff done over there. Gosh, hate that on top of the regular IVF stress you have to struggle to get the basics. i wish I would have gotten the e-mail of the canadian girl I met at CCRM. Hang in there!!

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