Biopsies, Rashes and AF = Fun Week!

Well…not only did I get to experience the joy of having a biopsy this week, but I had to take my beautiful little dachshund to the vet for a biopsy today as well. He’s had this little bump developing on his chest for the past month or so and they wanted to take it off and make sure it’s nothing bad. I hated leaving him there this morning, but I get to pick him up in an hour and a half. I hope the biopsy results are positive and don’t take too long to come in.

As far as my biopsy…well it arrived at the lab in CA last night, so Annie said I should hear within the next week or so whether or not I tested positive for the Beta-3 Integrin.

In other news, I’ve broken out in hives since yesterday. I was at a friend’s on the weekend and spent a very long time in her hot tub. I was itchy on Sunday and Monday and then yesterday broke out in hives which have worsened today. My doctor said it’s some kind of allergic reaction – likely to a chemical in the hot tub.  She prescribed a lotion, but I had to check with Annie on whether or not I could take it because it’s a steroid. Dr. M said it was OK to use – thank goodness because this itching is driving me NUTS!

And finally…AF. Well she shouldn’t be here for a couple more days, but I’ve had some spotting today. Annie said it’s not uncommon for it to arrive earlier after an endometrial biopsy, so she said to watch and see if it starts overnight and then to let her know. I’m a little stressed because my doctor was not familiar with the name of the BCP that Dr. M prescribed and I need to start taking them on CD 3 of my next cycle – which could be as soon as Saturday. Annie said she would email me a list of alternate BCPs so hopefully my doctor is familiar with one of them!! 


4 thoughts on “Biopsies, Rashes and AF = Fun Week!

  1. Wow what a week! I'm reminded of the episode in Sex and the City where Charlotte marries Harry – and the wedding is a disaster. Charlotte worries that means the marriage will be a disaster but Carrie assures her that it's actually the opposite — the more that goes wrong during the wedding, the stronger the marriage will be.I hope your poor dog is better soon! And your skin!

  2. Your poor pup. I hope he gets a good result.Hope the biopsy wasn't too bad. I honestly can't remember what mine was like anymore! I do remember paying that big bill though! Hope your hives clear up too. That can't be fun! I've been taking Benadryl for itching caused by pain meds, and while it works well for itching, I am super drowsy the next day. Good luck!

  3. Hey Jen…with regard to the BCP alternatives…no worries. Next time when they give you any prescriptions ask what the alternative CDN prescription is called just in case. There are a few differences I found…mainly with the estrogen patches and BCPs. As for your week…UGH!!!! When it rains it pours for some reason…hang in there! Next week will be better…

  4. Wow, what a week! I hope the lump is nothing on your little dachshund, I hope your biopsy comes back positive and that you find that BCP before Saturday. There has to be one that your doctor is familiar with. I thought it was stressful having CCRM out of state, I'm realizing how much harder is all for you in Canada. The sacrifices we make for a baby. Hopefuly there is a happy ending for both of us.

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