Some Progress

Well, I managed to connect with my former RE today. She was really helpful and explained that although my original HSG (performed by my OBGYN) did show a hydrosalpinx, subsequent tests that she performed (sono-HSG and ultrasound) did not.

So…what does this mean? I have no idea! I do know, however, that she said she would be more than happy to help me arrange another HSG and laparoscopy if need be. So, we’ll see what Dr. M. says and go from there. 

I feel a sense of relief though – at least I know that if I do need to repeat the HSG and have my tube(s) out, my former RE will help me. That was stressing me out the most – not knowing how to go about everything here when my current doctor is in the States. Again, very thankful for the compassion and assistance offered by my former clinic – regardless of this whole hydrosalpinx mess.

In other news, Annie said that it looks like retrieval will likely happen around mid-June so that’s exciting! 


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