I still haven’t sorted out the hydrosalpinx mess, but I’m a bit calmer today. Hopefully, my old RE is/has touched base with Dr. M today and they will get this thing sorted out.

In the interim, we have decided that we will proceed with the cycle regardless. The most important part is getting my eggies out sooner rather than later, so we’ll go ahead with the retrieval – likely in June – and in the meantime will try and get this tubal issue figured out. Once the retrieval is done, the embryos will be frozen for genetic testing anyways, so we’ll just leave them frozen until I can get my tube removed (if necessary).

I feel a bit better as there may just be a delay with the embryo transfer this way but at least the retrieval can proceed as planned.

And I got all of my CD 3 blood work results last night. My FSH came in higher than I expected at 8.2, but Annie (our nurse) wasn’t concerned at all. She said as long as it’s below 10, so I guess I should try and relax a bit. It’s just that last time I had it done (or, at least, the last time I heard the result), it was 6 so it’s either gone up or is due to the difference in labs. Doesn’t matter – I just have to trust that if they aren’t concerned, I shouldn’t be either.

That’s about all for now…and the saga continues!


4 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Hi there. Yes, there is a dif between labs. My FSH was a whole point higher at CCRM. Good thing to get a cycle done ASAP. your AMH is really good so that important too. Glad you're gelling better! It's all sounding like it will work itself out.

  2. That is a great idea Jen! The tubes have nothing to do with the retrieval so I think it's awesome that you are going to move forward, always the sooner the better. Are you doing CCS testing? You could get the tubes taken care off while waiting for results.

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