OK – panicking a little.

I got all of my CD 3 blood work done Monday. It was shipped yesterday and after some turmoil and tense moments last night due to being given the wrong tracking number, it appears it has arrived in Colorado (now hopefully it is still frozen).

What I wasn’t expecting, however, was the call I got this morning from Annie (our nurse). She had asked me to fax over a copy of the report from the HSG my OBGYN did a few years ago (before even starting IVF). According to this report, I have a hydrosalpinx in my left tube! Now, I knew that my left tube may be blocked, but I was never told that there was hydrosalpinx and I’ve had three IVF transfers already!

For those of you who don’t know, hydrosalpinx, is a blockage of the far end of the tube which results in the accumulation of fluid within the tube. This fluid ends up spilling back into the uterus and can interfere with the implantation of an embryo. The fluid is like a mechanical flush for the uterus, sweeping away the embryo. Hydrosalpinx reduces the success rates of IVF by at least 30% – lovely.

Seriously – after I’ve had a total of five embryos transferred, I’m just hearing about this?

Just waiting to hear back from my former REs office as to how this happened and some sort of explanation. Of course, when I called there (it’s 2.5 hours away), the receptionist is away until next week, so I emailed my former nurse. I sure hope she gets back to me today. I need to talk to my former doctor.

Annie said that if I do indeed have a hydrosalpinx, I’ll need my tube removed before my cycle in Denver. Great – there shouldn’t be much of a wait list in Canada (sarcasm!).



5 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Ahhhh! Is right. The good thing about going to CCRM is stuff like this gets found out. The bad part was is dealing with the emotions and frustration of past negligence. Once you talk to your previous nurse or doc, you'll feel better. They will have some sort of answer for you. See if you can get the tube removed in Calgary? Breath and keep us posted!!

  2. I am steamed for you!!! What a huge mistake! My first RE noted in my chart that he did a D&C to remove a uterine polyp before our 1st 2 IVFs. Problem is – I didn't even know I had the polyp and I most certainly did not have the surgery that my records say I did! How they can be in this business and be so negligent, I'll never know! I'm sorry you are in this situation but am glad you at least have this information going forward. Keeping my hopes up for you!

  3. OMG, Jen, I cannot believe your former RE let you proceed with the IVF knowing you had a hydrosalpinx! That is the whole point of doing an HSG, to find out if there is a problem so it can get fixed before proceeding. Is Annie sure that the report says that?

  4. I'm so sorry! I wonder if they can do the surgery at CCRM? Would that be at all helpful? I can't imagine how angry you must be with your former RE! I would be furious! But the good news is now maybe the cause of your IF has been identified so that this will be a successful IFV for you when you get it. Hang in there.

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